Part 1

3 days earlier.

"Where ya goin' Remy?" Marrow asked as she bounded into the entrance hall.

"Jus' a small business trip Sarah," Remy explained as he turned and smiled at the younger mutant.

"Can I come with ya?" she asked hopefully. "This bunch of stiffs are no fun."

Remy laughed and put his bag down before opening his arms. Marrow ran eagerly to embrace him.

"Sorry chere. Can' take ya dis time. I be doin' a l'il family business. I won' be long t'ough, an' when I come back, I take you away fo' de weekend 'kay?"

Sarah sighed heavily. "Okay," she muttered sullenly. "But I want your promise on that."

"'Kay chere, O promise," Remy said chuckling.

"Promise what sugah?" Rogue said as she came down the stairs.

Remy felt Marrow tense in his arms and he gave her a reassuring hug.

"Jus' somethin' 'tween me an' Sarah chere." Remy said, keeping a pleasant smile plastered on his face. He could feel waves of animosity coming from Sarah and jealousy from Rogue.

"Oh right," Rogue replied, and Remy could detect a touch of hurt in her voice.

"Anyway, I gotta go now. Got a plane to catch an' I can' be late. So if you ladies will excuse me." Remy released Sarah and picked up his bag again.

"Remy," Rogue called out as he was about to leave.

He turned back to her, "Oui chere?" he asked softly.

Rogue hesitated, "Ah… have a good trip," she said finally.

Remy nodded, and sighed softly to himself. "Oui chere, t'anks."


He didn't have to wait long for the cab to arrive. He got into the back and dumped his bag beside him.

"Airport please," he said to the driver, and sat back pushing his shades further up his nose.

He sighed thinking about this trip. What he'd told Sarah was true. He would be a few days only. He had some information to obtain for his father. It was in a way Guild business, although he was excommunicated from the New Orleans Thieves Guild.

When it had first happened Remy had cut off all contact with his family. The hurt had been too fresh for him to be near his loved ones.

After a while though, mostly after repeated attempts by Jean-Luc to reach him, Remy had renewed contact with his family. Of course it didn't help that the death of his brother Henri had precipitated that, but Remy felt that he and his father were starting to put the past behind them. Hence Remy's help in Guild business.

Remy was brought back to his present surroundings as the cab suddenly slowed down. Up ahead was an ambulance. The cab crawled closer to the ambulance and Remy felt the first feelings of suspicion form.

He was too late to do anything though, and he became aware of a sharp needle like pain in his chest. He looked down in confusion to see a small dart protruding from his chest.

He pulled it out, and raised his eyes to those of the cab driver who was smiling at him.

He tried to form words, to ask the driver what was going on, but thought was becoming more and more difficult, and black spots began to dance on the edge of his vision.

His eyes felt heavy and Remy lost the fight to keep them open, but just before he lost all awareness he heard the driver speak to him.

"I am sorry that it had to come to this young man, but your father cannot be allowed to go unpunished for his crime."


Remy became aware of the voices first. Mumbling and indistinct, then clearer as he swam closer to consciousness.

"…agreed then. You will be richly rewarded for you help. Remember though that this one is wily. A rained thief, he will take advantage of any slips you make."

"His mutant abilities are under control. We've attached a neural inhibitor. It will keep him sufficiently off balance so that he can't use his power. If that fails, there's the tank. As for escaping, well he will be restrained when he is not under guard, and the medication we've prescribed should take effect very soon. I doubt in a week that he's remember he's a thief."

"Good. I want regular progress reports, and I shall be visiting when I can to keep up with his progress. Just make sure nothing goes wrong."

Remy did not like what he was hearing, the sooner he got out of here the better. He opened his eyes, and bright light flooded the sensitive organs. He couldn't hold back the surprised cry of pain as he shut his eyes again.

"Ah, he's awake, wonderful. Dim the lights Doctor if you please. Now Remy, open your eyes."

Remy cautiously opened his eyes, and had to blink several times to clear the afterimage caused by the bright light. Once his vision had cleared though, he was surprised to see the cab driver before him.

"Who are you?" he croaked out.

The cab driver laughed. "My name is Ellis McCarthy."

"Never heard of you," Remy said. "Why you done dis t'me?"

"It's nothing personal Remy." Remy's eyes narrowed at the familiar use of his name. "I am… let's say I am an old friend of your father. There was the small matter of a debt between your father and I, and you are the means by which I pay him back."

Remy didn't understand what this man was talking about, but figured if he kept him talking and distracted, he could work on getting his hands free from their restraints.

"What debt?" he asked Ellis.

"I have a daughter you know." Remy blinked at this apparent change in subject. "She's beautiful. Looks like an angel, just like her mother. She's a little older than you, but the last 5 years she's been kept away from me."

Remy looked quizzically at Ellis, but kept working on his hands. "Why?" he asked.

"Your father took objection to a few of my business practices, and decided to stop me. Only he didn't ask nicely. He took my daughter. Then he locked her away in a sanitarium for 5 years. When I finally found her, she'd been changed. There's no life in her anymore." Ellis paused, breathing harshly.

Remy was disturbed by this tale, but kept his emotions to himself. He nearly gasped in relief as he worked one hand free from the restraints.

"So, you decided to get yo' own back hehn?" Remy asked caustically.

"Yes," Ellis hissed. "And you are the perfect tool. He would give his life for you, did you know that? I've watched you both for a long time. Unable to do anything until I'd gotten my daughter outside of his reach."

Ellis laughed abruptly, the sound worried Remy because it hinted at a complete lack of control.

Remy shifted his attention for a second feeling the restraints on his other hand beginning to give. The sudden blow to his head caused spots to dance before his eyes and he felt the coppery taste of blood in his mouth. His eyes watered from the pain of biting his tongue.

"Doctor get over here now, see what he's done?" Ellis shouted and grabbed Remy's free wrist.

Remy twisted his wrist and grabbed Ellis' jacket. He tried to charge it but shards of pain pierced his skull and he gasped, his hand going limp. He shook his head to clear it, and then gasped anew as he felt a needle prick his arm.

"Non!" he cried out and tried to pull away.

A hand grabbed his hair and pulled his head back painfully.

"You've been a bad boy Remy, but that doesn't matter now. Soon nothing will matter," Ellis laughed and released the young man.

Suddenly Remy's world seemed to shift. The room began to spin, lights flickered, even when he closed his eyes. "What 'ave you done?" he asked weakly.

His only answer was laughter.

End of part 1