The Demon's Bite. Written by Soar

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: This story is an original work of amateur fiction, nd is written purely for the private entertainment of P:TL fans This story is no way affiliated with Trilogy, MGM Worldwide Television or The Sci-Fi Channel. The characters are their property, and this story is not meant to infringe upon the copyrights of MGM, Trilogy, or anybody else who owns an interest in "Poltergeist: The Legacy".

Summary: The Legacy is called in to investigate a number of strange deaths in a small town, but this investigation may cost one Legacy member his life.



The young woman slowly regained consciousness. She blinked to clear her vision and looked fearfully around her. She was in what seemed to be a cold, dark room. She realized that she was gagged and strapped onto a large, cold slab. She pulled at her bonds, with no effect.

Time passed but the young woman had no way to measure the passage of it, and she was tiring from her struggles. Suddenly she heard the sounds of footsteps and saw a flickering light approaching. She felt a burst of panic, wondering whether it was a rescue party or her captors returning. A burst of adrenaline had her struggling more forcefully.

She tried to scream, but the gag stopped any sounds from escaping. She watched helplessly as five robed figures entered the room, each carrying a burning torch, which they then planted in holders behind them. The robes were black, with strange symbols embroidered onto them, their faces were hidden partially by masks, so that only the mouths and eyes were visible. Looking into those eyes the young woman's heart was struck cold with fear and she almost died of fright right there and then.

One figure stood at her head and then all of the robed figures began to chant. The young woman could not understand the words that were being chanted but the slab she was laid on began to glow, and grow warm beneath her.

A pentagram drawn onto the floor around her also began to glow and lit up the ghostly masks of the robed figures in a chilling way. The robed figure at the young woman's head signaled to his comrades and suddenly they all approached the young woman. Everything but her underwear was ripped from her body and the robed figures fell upon her.

Two began feasting from her legs, two from her arms and the last from her neck. The pain was intense and she tried in vain to scream. The figures were sucking her blood. Slowly as her blood was drained from her body she lost consciousness.

At this point the robed leader called a halt. His feral eyes glowing, and his teeth fanged and covered in blood. The figures all moved back to the points of the pentagram.

"The feasting is done, now this one will join our Master. She is His. Servant to His pleasure, as are we," the robed leader intoned. "Let her be His," he cried.

"Let her be His" chanted the figures.

"Let the rewards be ours," the leader chanted.

"Let the rewards be ours," the others repeated.

The body of the woman jerked once and was motionless, yet still alive.

"Tonight on this night of power may this sacrifice pleasure Our Lord. May her soul fly from this world into His arms, for all eternity, so that He may come unto us."

The robed figures began to chant again as they left the room.


The young girl found herself locked in a hellish place. Suddenly she saw a pair of glowing eyes and wickedly fanged teeth. Her silent screams echoed in the room, which held her body, as her soul was being sucked away by the demon in a pit of horrors.


Four weeks later.

The members of the San Francisco Legacy House sat in their control room, located on Angel Island.

"What have you got now Derek?" Doctor Rachel Corrigan asked smiling, arms folded across her chest and customary short skirt riding up above her knees as she sat on the edge of a desk.

Derek laughed as he faced his colleagues, his friends, "Vampires."

Alex Moreau, sitting in her usual position behind her computer terminal, laughed. "I guess I'm qualified for this investigation then."

"Well I guess no one else has done the in depth research into the subject like you, although I think becoming one was going a bit too far," Derek said in his soft accented voice. This raised a chuckle from everyone.

"Five murders in a small rural area just north of San Francisco," Derek continued. "The local Sheriffs department discovered all the bodies and had the autopsies done. The cause of death, lack of blood, there are bite wounds over each of the bodies that points to vampirism, organized vampirism. Each body had five different bite marks on it and these appear to be the exit wounds for the blood."

"What makes you think this isn't just a group of wacko vampire wannabes?" Nick Boyle asked, wearing his usual cynical expression.

Derek laughed, " Well we'll find out when we get there, if nothing turns up, think of it as a chance to have a vacation. I don't remember the last time you had one."

The former Navy SEAL snorted.

"So when do we leave?" Rachel asked, grinning. "I have to make some babysitting arrangements."


"Okay so where's this place we're staying?" Nick asked as he drove into the sleepy town of Carlstown.

"The Red Riding Hood Inn on Trovers Avenue," Derek said looking at the information and maps on his lap.

"The Red Riding Hood Inn?" Alex laughed disbelievingly. "You have got to be kidding me."

"Oh this is going to be so much fun," Nick said wryly.


They arrived at the Inn and checked in.

"So where do we start?" Alex asked as they assembled in Derek's room.

"Well I think that we should get some local opinion on the matter. Superstition often stems from some form of truth. Alex you and Nick do that. You can start here, it's as good a place as any. Rachel and I will walk to the local Sheriffs office and see what we can find out there."


Derek and Rachel walked into the old brick building that was the Sheriff's office. There was a deputy at the front desk. Derek walked up to him and introduced himself.

"Hello, I'm Derek Rayne, of the Luna Foundation. I called your Sheriff yesterday."

A door opened before the deputy could say anything and the Sheriff walked out. He was a wizened looking old man. He approached Derek and Rachel.

"You're the folks I spoke to on the phone." It was a statement.

"Yes, that's right. I'm Derek Rayne and this is my associate Dr. Rachel Corrigan."

"Nice to meet you," Rachel said as she shook hands with the Sheriff.

"Likewise, I'm sure," the Sheriff replied. "Why don't we go into my office."

The Sheriff led them to a room out in the back of the building.

"You want to know about those mysterious deaths, and I've been told from high up to co-operate with your needs." The Sheriff reported this in a matter of fact tone.

Derek looked at Rachel and she looked back in surprise. Derek shrugged, the Legacy had a lot of influence.

"I got those reports you wanted on all the victims. Contains facts about the backgrounds of each victim, autopsy reports too. Though I can't say that I know what you might be expecting to find. If I can help you people with anything else, you have only to ask."

Rachel flicked through the reports. "They all died in exactly the same way?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"How long has it been since the last body was found?" Derek asked.

"'Bout nearly four weeks by my reckoning," the Sheriff replied.

"Where were they recovered?" Derek asked.

The Sheriff pulled out a map of the town. He pointed at five red dots. "This is where they were recovered."

"Do you mind if we take this with us, for our research?" Derek enquired.

"Nope, go ahead, and if you come up with anything be sure an' let me know too." the Sheriff grinned good naturedly. "Nice meeting you," he said as Derek and Rachel took their leave.


After Derek and Rachel left for the Sheriff's station, Nick and Alex spoke to the woman who worked at the front desk of the Inn.

"Hi," Alex said with her usual cheery smile. "This may sound a little crazy but we were wondering if you knew of any strange groups or cults that lived in the town."

The woman laughed. "It about those murders?"

Alex nodded in surprise.

"I'll not be talking about that kind of thing thank you very much," the woman hurriedly warding herself against the evil eye, "But if you really want to know about that kind of thing then I suggest you go and see old Aggie."

Alex looked at Nick and then back at the young woman. "And where can we find this old Aggie?"

"She lives out on the edge of town. On old Wiley Hill. You can't miss it," the woman said laughing.

Alex and Nick left the woman still laughing and went out to the car. Derek and Rachel had walked to the Sheriffs.

"Well that was a bit strange," Alex said grinning at Nick.

"If you ask me, the whole town is probably wacko," Nick replied grimacing.


They set off, with Alex navigating to Old Wiley Hill. When they got there they understood what the woman at the Inn had meant when she'd said they couldn't miss Old Aggie's house. It was the oldest, ugliest looking building either of them had ever seen.

"My God, what kind of woman is this Old Aggie?" Alex exclaimed bemused.

"Wacko!" Nick replied with a faint trace of a smile.

They parked outside the house and walked up the pathway. Both sides of the path was dense with weeds that nobody had taken care of in a long time, yet the path itself was remarkably bare.

The porch was old and creaky. As they approached the door Nick warned Alex to watch out for rotten planks that might give under her weight.

Nick pulled the bell that was next to the door. They could hear heavy bells chiming inside the house announcing their presence.

They waited for five minutes and were about to ring again when the door opened. They faced a little old woman. She stared shrewdly at them both with sharp green eyes and Nick felt a shiver run down his spine. She was dressed in a long floral dress with her iron-grey hair pinned back into a bun.

"Hi, we're looking for Aggie?" Alex asked smiling in a friendly way.

"Yes, that's me. What can I do for you folks?" Aggie replied smiling back.

Alex grinned. "I'm Alex Moreau, and this is my associate Nick Boyle. We were wondering if we could ask you some questions. We were told that if we wanted more information about the nature of the recent killings we should speak to you."

Aggie cackled. "Ah, you want to hear about the vampires?"

"You really believe there are vampires here?" Nick asked skeptically.

"What else could they be son? Don't you believe in evil demons?" the old woman watched Nick closely.

"We believe in a lot more than you'd think," Alex said intervening.

"Well we don't want to discuss this out here. Don't know who might be listening in."

Nick looked around. "But there's no one here but us."

"I ain't talking about ordinary listening methods son. Come one in, the pair of you," Aggie said ushering them into the house.

The house was as dark and old looking on the inside as it had been on the outside. There were symbols painted onto the walls and strange artifacts cluttering the shelves. Alex looked at them all with interest.

"Like them do you missy?" Aggie asked, watching Alex with barely concealed curiosity.

"They're very interesting. What are they for?" Alex asked, although she thought she recognized some of the symbols as ancient wards.

"They're there to protect the house and me from demons. You see my mother was a witch, and her mother, and all the women in my family before that. She passed her lore down to me, but people nowadays they don't listen, they laugh. But I'm the one who'll have the last laugh. I've warned them all, of the coming of the demon."

"What demon?" Nick asked.

"The vampire demon. If he has a name, then none know it save his followers."

"What else do you know about the vampire demon?" Alex asked, curiosity openly displayed on her face.

Aggie cackled, "Well let's see. He will have a group of mortal followers. Usually some mystical number, most probably five."

"If he's a vampire demon wouldn't he have vampire followers?" Nick asked.

"No. Vampires were originally followers of this demon who were granted immortality because of their worship, but that was so long ago I doubt there are many vampires left who would know or remember their origins. But he can only gain power through a special ritual of sacrifice practiced by his followers," Aggie explained.

"You know there have been five deaths already?" Alex asked.

Aggie frowned. "They must be found soon. I am not sure about the number of sacrifices that must be made, but it will follow a pattern, and when the last soul is sacrificed to the demon his power will be stronger in this world. He will be able to step into this world."

"How do we find the group?" Nick asked, "Or their next victim?"

Suddenly images flooded Alex's mind. Images of a star twinkling in the distance. Suddenly she was flying quickly towards the star. As she got closer she saw a ceremony being performed at it's center. She could see five robed figures and the victim lying on a slab. Although she could not see whom the victim was, whoever it was seemed familiar to her.

She stumbled and became aware of her surroundings again. Nick was looking concerned. He had a hand on her shoulder.

"Are you okay?" he said.

She nodded. Aggie looked at her curiously.

"What did you see?" she asked.

Alex looked at Nick who watched Aggie carefully. Aggie caught the look and laughed.

"Child, I'm a witch. I'm not completely blind to the power of precognition. Not like these sheep down there in the town. What did you see?"

Alex relaxed a little and told them both what she had seen.

"There was a presence all around and them it felt like pure evil." Alex shuddered at the memory.

"We need to tell the others," Nick said.

Alex and Nick got up to leave. Aggie stopped them quickly. "I have something for you both."

She walked over to a cabinet and pulled out some talismans from within. She gave them to Nick and Alex.

"What are they for?" Nick asked, looking at the strange symbol.

"It's for protection, against demons, but you must be wearing it or it will not work."

Nick looked skeptical but took the talisman anyway, putting it into a pocket. Alex smiled and put hers around her neck.

"You asked before who the group members were. I cannot tell you, I do not know, but if you can find the site of the ceremony you will find the members and the next victim. I have seen it. You must hurry"

Alex and Nick left still thinking about what Aggie had said.


Nick and Alex met Derek and Rachel back at the Inn.

"So what did you find out?" Nick asked Derek and Rachel.

"Well the five bodies that were found all had the same bite marks in the same places, definitely a group, the teeth marks are different. All five victims were drained of blood," Derek explained.

"So it seems like there really is cult activity in this area," Alex said. Then she explained what she and Nick had learned, and then explained her vision. "I think it must be telling me that there are five members of this group."

Derek nodded in agreement, and got out the map to show the others. "I feel there is something important about the locations of the victims after they've been killed. I'm just not getting any more intuition on this one."

"So what else can we do?" Alex asked.

"Well I want to hook up to the Legacy database and see if there is anything significant about this area, also I think that the key to this lies in the location of the bodies. Like Aggie said, if we find the site of the ceremony then we can find the group. Okay, Alex and Nick hook up to the database and get on that, we'll try and work this little puzzle out."

Several hours later the only people having any success were Alex and Nick.

"Okay, let's take a break, Alex, tell us what you've found."

"Alright, well it appears that every 25 years in this town there is an increase in the number of suspicious deaths, only the killers were never found. It appears, although reports weren't as detailed back then, that those victims died in the same way that the latest victims died," Alex explained.

"So the force here is constant. At the same time there appears to be some new development that comes to this town that increases the overall wealth. The last time there were killings here, one of the people that noticeably benefited from any development was Samuel Clarence. I think it's a bit suspicious that he gains wealth at the same time as these deaths occur, because some Occultist group was worshipping a demon," Nick continued.

"Yes, I think that you are right."

"Shouldn't we check him out then?" Nick asked.

"Yes, but we'll do that tomorrow," Derek said. "Now we really need some sleep. and tomorrow we can continue to try and work out the puzzle of the locations."

They all agreed that sleep was what they needed and went to their separate rooms.


Falling asleep for Nick was now routine, something he'd learned to do any time in the SEALs so falling asleep was no problem. However, as soon as he'd fallen asleep, the nightmares began.


He was at home in bed, but he couldn't move. His head felt thick and heavy, his eyelids were closing. Out of the corner of his eye he saw movement and suddenly there was a demon in front of him with glowing red eyes and sharp fanged teeth. As his eyes closed his ears rang with the words 'chosen one'.

He awoke sweating and breathing hard,. He took a few deep breaths to steady himself. Just a nightmare he thought, maybe I could use a vacation after all. He laughed to himself. The clock on the wall said 2.00 am. Nick decided to go back to sleep convincing himself that the nightmare wouldn't return. But it did.

This time Nick saw pentagrams floating around. It seemed unreal, yet very frightening. He didn't get much sleep.


In other parts of the town five people awoke from their sleep with a message in their minds. The Chosen One has come.


The following morning the Legacy members went downstairs for breakfast. Rachel exclaimed in concern when she saw Nick.

"Nick, you look terrible, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, just had a bad night, it's left me with a bit of a headache. I'll be fine." He smiled reassuringly but his eyes warned his friends not to push him.

Rachel took the hint and changed the subject "Okay, so what are today's plans?" she asked.

"Well, Nick and I will go and see this Samuel Clarence and I'd like you and Alex to work on that map and see if you can work out the meaning."

Rachel and Alex nodded and went back upstairs to get on with it. Nick and Derek left the Inn.


The house was in the suburbs, a very quiet looking area full of big houses.

"Looks like the right area," Nick stated.

"The house should be over there, on the right."

Nick found the house and pulled up to the front gate. He pushed the button to activate the speaker.

"Clarence residence, do you have an appointment?"

"No, we were hoping to speak to Mr. Samuel Clarence."

There was silence for a few minutes, then the voice returned. "Drive up to the main house please."

The gates opened and Nick drove up.

"Quite a place," Nick said with an appreciative whistle. He ignored the faint sense of nausea he felt as hunger, he'd missed breakfast.

When they reached the door a butler opened it. "Please come in," he said politely.

Derek and Nick followed the man into a large hall where a young woman met them, with long blond hair tied back by an ornate looking clasp.

"Can I help you?" she said smiling. "I'm Samantha Clarence."

"Hello, I'm Derek Rayne of the Luna Foundation, and this is my associate Nick Boyle. We're actually looking for Mr. Samuel Clarence," Derek said politely.

The woman's face saddened. "Samuel was my father, I'm afraid he died a few years ago. He was only 50."

"I'm sorry," Derek said.

"Would you like some tea?" the woman asked suddenly.

"Thank you," Derek said and he followed the young lady in.

Nick followed slowly, starting to feel a little worse.


Samantha sent out thoughts of thirst to the older man. He was obviously the one in charge. He accepted, and she saw the evidence in his eyes as her influence took over. Her powers were limited, at least for now, although they were much stronger on members of the opposite sex.

She studied the two strangers, she had only let them come in because they had been asking after her father. She had to know what they wanted, who they were, especially so close to the end. She looked at the older man. He had a strong aura of power that was evident in his every relaxed movement. He was confident of his power. She looked at the smaller one. He seemed so young yet his aura was very strong, almost solid. He had a dangerous, lean, tough look about him.

They both sat down and she called for one of her staff to get drinks.

"You gentlemen wanted to see my father, is it anything that I can help you with?"

The older one looked at the smaller one, his thirst diminishing slightly.

"No, I don't think so, but it is very kind of you to invite us into your home. I'm sorry it was for nothing. Maybe we should go now."

The smaller one, Nick, looked very ready to accept this escape, but she hadn't finished with them yet. She pulled tightly at the reins she had on the older one's mind. Her power over the younger one was weak but he would obey the older one.

"But you haven't had your drinks. Please, I beg of you, stay. I would feel that I wasn't doing my duty as a good Christian woman if I was not hospitable."

Derek's eyes began to glaze over. "Thank you, no one could possibly accuse you of being inhospitable."

She smiled and watched.


Sweat broke out on Nick's face. His stomach was turning over painfully. His ears had begun to ring, and the room was beginning to spin. He wanted to leave and could have sighed in relief when Derek suggested they do so, but then his heart sank as the woman convinced him to stay for a drink.

Finally, after taking a few sips of the drink that he'd been given, Derek rose and said they should leave. Nick rose slowly, but it was too much. The blood drained from his head and he fell to the floor already unconscious.


Samantha felt triumph zing throughout her body. it was him, the Chosen, and in her home. She examined his aura again. Yes it was glowing. So brightly, fighting the black magic that surrounded her. She had to stay with him, somehow.

She was all sincere concern as she joined Derek by Nick's side.

"Nick, Nick, wake up." Derek was shaking his friend.

"Hold on a moment Mr. Rayne, I have some smelling salts that may help to bring him around." Samantha went to her cupboard and got out a vial. She took it over and waved it under Nick's nose. Now she needed to manipulate the older one so that the Chosen stayed within her reach.

Nick was coming around. He looked dazed as he found himself on the floor.

"What happened?" he asked as he tried to push past Derek in order to sit up.

"You passed out," Derek said. "Are you feeling dizzy, not feeling ill?"

"I'm fine, I guess I shouldn't have missed breakfast."

He succeeded in pushing past Derek and rose shakily to his feet. He apologized to Samantha for collapsing on her floor.

"Nonsense. Why don't I take you back to your Inn and get you some lunch. I will not take no for an answer, and if you were a gentleman you would let me have my way."

Nick felt too tired to argue and Derek was still under her influence, so they agreed. Samantha hid a smile of triumph.

They got Nick out to the car, and Samantha joined them as they made their way back to the Red Riding Hood Inn.

They went up to Alex's room after having eaten lunch. Alex and Rachel expressed concern over Nick. Nick brushed them off but they still hovered.

Derek introduced Samantha to Rachel and Alex, and asked politely if she wouldn't mind waiting in one of the other rooms while they spoke.

"So what have you girls found out?" Derek asked the girls.

Alex explained what they had found. "Well, we looked at the map again but it had us puzzled until we were hit by inspiration. The points when joined up to each other form a complete pentagram."

Nick looked slightly startled at this revelation. "Just like my dream last night. I saw pentagrams."

Derek looked at Alex. Nick saw, but Derek then turned back to wave at Alex to continue.

"Anyway I then remembered the vision I'd had at Aggie's, the one about the star and I realized that the pentagram is in the shape of a star so we researched and found out what building is at the exact center of the star," Alex looked pleased with herself.

"And that was?" Derek said.

"A church on Madison Street," Alex continued.


Samantha looked up as the four friends exited Alex's bedroom.

"Everything okay?" She asked.

"Yes, but we were wondering if you knew how to get to a church called St.Agnes, on Madison Avenue?" Derek said.

His colleagues gave him slightly startled looks at his revealing this information to an outsider, but Derek was oblivious, still controlled by Samantha. Samantha hid her own triumphant smile.

"Of course, why it's my own parish. I'd be delighted to take you there and introduce to our Father."


St.Agnes was a very warm, friendly looking church, and a pleasant warmth seemed to come over them as they stepped inside. However, Samantha knew this was a facade.

For Nick, the warm feeling didn't last long. His nausea came crashing back but he hid it from the others.

An old, friendly looking man came walking down the aisle.


A smile warmed his face but Nick was only superficially aware of this, his concentration being used to hide his recurring illness from his friends. Alex too was aware of the smile but it had no effect on her. Instead she began examining the church. Derek and Rachel were completely charmed.

"I'm Father Franklin," the priest continued. "Welcome to St.Agnes. Samantha my dear, how are you?"

"I'm very good Father. These nice people are from out of town and they wanted to see our church."

"Of course, visitors are always welcome to St.Agnes. However, would you mind terribly if I left you to look around yourselves while I have a little chat to Samantha?"

The Legacy members told him that it would be no trouble at all, and they separated to look around the church.

Father Franklin took Samantha into a small antechamber.

"The Chosen one?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied grinning. "He collapsed at my house and I examined his aura."

"Well done sister," the Father said, and they walked out to rejoin their guests. "We must move fast though, it is almost time for the final ceremony."

The Legacy members had taken the opportunity to look around as much of the church as they could. There did not however, appear to be much that looked at all suspicious.

Father Franklin and Samantha rejoined them as they reached the altar.

"You find our church interesting?" the father enquired.

"Very, thank you for letting us look a round, but I think it's time that we left now," Derek said politely.

However, Nick chose that moment to collapse again. This time he seemed to suffer a seizure of some kind, his body jerking.

Father Franklin sent Samantha to get an ambulance, and joined the Legacy members around their friend.

The ambulance arrived quickly and took Nick to the local hospital, his friends following.

Father Franklin turned to Samantha as they were left alone in the church.

"Gather the others" he said to her.


.At the hospital the doctors pronounced that they could find no reason for Nick's collapse. Nick himself had regained consciousness and was demanding to be released. The doctor said that although they couldn't find anything wrong they still wanted to do some tests and keep him in for further observation, in case it happened again. Nick's answer to that was to discharge himself under full protest of both the doctor's and his colleagues.

He went straight back to the Inn with his friends following and fussing over him. When they got back Derek immediately ordered Nick to go home to the mansion. Nick had been more scared by collapsing than he cared to admit so he only made a token argument against being sent home.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay by yourself?" Rachel asked.

"I'm not going to be alone Rach," Nick said waving her away her concern. "The house staff will be there."

Nick was packed and ready to leave in half and hour and was seen off with many hugs from the girls, a firm handshake from Derek, and an order to go straight to bed when he returned, and to call if he started to feel bad again. Nick sighed but promised him that he would.


With the knowledge that Nick was safely on his way home the rest of the Legacy members renewed their efforts to find the coven before it was too late.


The coven members joined together.

"Is it truly he?" one asked.

"Yes," Father Franklin replied. "It is the Chosen One we need to finally bring our Lord into this world."

"His friends have sent him back to the place where he lives but I have had one of my loyal employees follow him. He is as good as ours," said Samantha.

"And his friends suspect nothing?" another member asked.

"No, they were very impressed with both the church and the Father," Samantha replied grinning.

"Very well. We will take the Chosen One tonight in time to prepare him for the final ceremony. We'll meet back here tomorrow afternoon." The tallest member of the coven said, after giving orders to each of the coven members, and then they dispersed.


"I hope Nick is going to be okay," Alex said with concern, "I've never seen him like that before."

"He should be fine, so we need to concentrate on the immediate problem. We need to find this coven. Any ideas?" Derek said.

"Well we've tried the center of the pentagram and all we found was the church. Is there any connection with the places where the bodies were found?" Rachel asked.

"Nothing other than the fact that they seem to be placed equally apart from the center and each other," Alex explained. "But I don't want to dismiss the church either. There was something not altogether right about that place."

"Okay. We don't dismiss the church, but what else can there be that will make some sense of this?" Derek asked.

"Well we could speak to the victim's families, see if there's any shared connection. Alex why don't you go back and visit Aggie, see if you can find out anything else." Rachel suggested.

They all agreed on this line of action and separated, Alex to visit Aggie, and Derek and Rachel to visit the victims families.


Derek and Rachel arrived at the home of the first victim. When they knocked the door it was answered by a middle aged couple.

"Hello. I'm Derek Rayne, and this is my associate Dr. Rachel Corrigan. We are with the Luna Foundation, and we're helping the Sheriff's department with their investigation into the death of your son and the other young people who have been killed. May we come in and speak with you?"

"We told the police everything we know," said the woman.

"Please, we won't take up much of your time," Rachel said.

The man turned to his wife and said, "Come on Clara, it can't hurt none." He turned to Rachel and Derek. "I'm Hank Turner, and this is my wife Clara, please, come in."

They all entered the Turner's house together.

"What is it you want to know?" Hank asked Derek.

"Did you son exhibit any strange behavior before he disappeared?" Derek asked.

"Like what?" Hank asked.

Clara looked up at them for the first time and then said, "Terry started having nightmares, about funny stars and monsters. That's when he started collapsing as well. We can't afford much health care but we took him to the hospital anyway. But they didn't know what was wrong with him."

"Did Terry meet anyone new in that period? Join any clubs?" Rachel asked.

"I don't know. Terry pretty much kept to himself. He had a little job at Hogan's general store, just stocking shelves and the like. He never really talked much about the things he got up to," Hank explained.

"Thank you," Derek said and rose. "We won't take up any more of your time, but I promise if we discover anything we'll make sure you are informed."

Derek and Rachel left with the intention of paying a visit to Hogan's general store.


Hogan's general store was a traditional looking place. Mr Hogan himself was a round, cheery, looking person, who had been shocked by the death of his employee, Terry Turner.

"It was mighty strange if I do say so myself, funny business." He shook his head in puzzlement.

"His parents said that he started collapsing before he disappeared. Were you there when that happened?" Rachel asked.

"Yes, the first time. He was helping me out. My regular delivery boy had gotten sick, so Terry offered to help. We'd gotten half way through our rounds, that was at the Clarence place." Rachel and Derek shared a quick look. "He'd just handed in the delivery to the kitchen staff when Miss Samantha appeared, she was very nice about inviting him in for a glass of water. She even offered her butler to help me finish my deliveries."

Derek shook Mr Hogan's hand. "Thank you, you've helped us a lot."

He and Rachel left to carry on with their investigation.


Alex knocked on Aggie's door. The door opened almost instantly which startled Alex.

"Hello dearie, I've been expecting you, where's your nice young friend?" Aggie asked.

Alex recovered her wits and smiled, "He's been unwell, so he's gone home."

Aggie's eyes narrowed. "Ill you say, nothing serious I hope."

Alex sighed, "Me too. He just collapsed, said it was because he hadn't eaten breakfast, but we fed him and he collapsed again. The hospital couldn't find anything wrong with him, and he refused to stay for further tests."

"That's a bad thing. I hope he gets better soon and that it really is nothing serious. Anyway to change the subject what can I do for you dearie?"

"You mean you can foresee my coming but not the reason?" Alex said with a laugh.

"I never claimed to be God dearie, come on in why don't you? Fix a cup of tea shall I?"

"That would be lovely thanks."

They settled down in Aggie's drawing room.

"So then, are you going to tell me now what brings you here?"

"You remember the vision I had? We worked out a possible meaning, the five victims were found at equal distances from each other and the center. Five points right, like a pentagram, or a star. So we identified what was at the center of the star and went there. It was a church, but we didn't find anything that was a sign of occult worship, but something about the place made me feel uneasy. Anyway we're at a loss at the moment and we were wondering whether you could help."

"Who's we?" Aggie asked curiously.

"Well you've met Nick and there are my other two colleagues Derek Rayne and Dr. Rachel Corrigan."

"Hmmmm. Well I'll have to get them some charms too, I see you're wearing yours, good. You'll need it I have to tell you that there are certain rules about my practice of witchcraft. I can't tell you everything, it affects the overall balance, but I can give you hints so you can work it out for yourself."

Aggie settled herself more comfortably and took a sip of her tea.

"When I told you to look for the last victim in order to find the coven, I can tell you now to look closer to home."

"Closer to home? What's that supposed to mean?" Alex asked confused.

"I don't make the rules dearie, merely follow them," Aggie said with a cackle. "As to your ideas of centers you were on the right track, but you need to look beneath the surface of outward appearances. Now I'm afraid that's all I can help you with, will you stay for more tea?"

Alex rose, "No, I'm sorry I can't. I have to get back to my friends."

"Very well, I'll get those charms for you but make sure your friends wear them, all your friends."

Alex took the charms Aggie gave her and promised she would make her friends ear them. The she left to rejoin Derek and Rachel at the Inn.


"So, Alex, what did you find out?" Rachel asked.

"Well Aggie was very mysterious, she said she couldn't tell me outright but she could give me little clues. She said that for the final victim we should look closer to home, and that my idea of the stars center was on the right track but we need to look beyond surface appearances. Oh and she gave me these charms for you guys, and made me promise to make you wear them."

Rachel's expression was bemused as she was handed a charm.

"So what did you guy's find out?" Alex asked finally, after watching Rachel and Derek don their charms.

"Well you know we visited the relatives of the victims. Well guess what they all had in common. Sudden episodes of collapsing and violent nightmares," Derek explained.

"Oh my God, Nick!" Alex exclaimed in shock. "That's what Aggie meant by looking closer to home. We've got to call him, get him back here where we can watch him."

"I've called the house, and he's okay, but I've told him to be careful, to tighten security and not to go out. I've arranged for a the helicopter to get us back to San Francisco, we leave in half an hour. Alex I want you to stay here, and see if you can figure our where the coven is holding their rituals, or try and discover the identity of any of the coven members. I've left a detailed report of everything we were told here, use that."

"Okay, just make sure Nick's okay though!" Alex said.


Nick lay in his bed, he was feeling unnaturally tired and could barely move his head. His eyes began to drift closed. He thought briefly about the strange phone call from Derek, why should he be in any danger? He was safe here on Angel Island.

"Nick," a strange voice pierced his reverie. "Nick come to me."

Nick opened his eyes, his room was empty, where was the voice coming from?

"Nick," the voice whispered again. "Come to me Nick."

Nick found himself moving out of his bed, out of his room, down the stairs, and through the front door. There was a chilly breeze outside but he could not feel it. He followed the voice unable to control his own body.

"Nick, come to me," the voice continued to call.

Nick did not see the two figures creep up behind him, he did not feel the needle as it entered his body and dimly registered the fact that he was falling when his eyes shut and he sank into darkness.


Alex answered the phone that was ringing.

"Hello, Alex Moreau."

"Alex, it's Derek, we're at the house, but Nick's gone. There's no sign of a break in, and cameras picked him up walking out of the house in his night clothes," Derek said.

Alex could hear the concern in his voice. "What do we do now then?"

"Rachel and I are hurrying back, we should be back by the morning. If the pattern repeats then we have until tomorrow night to find him."

"Okay, see you then," Alex hung up in shock.


Nick slowly came to awareness. He felt groggy and tired. He tried to lift his head but it felt too heavy. The effort tired him and he slipped back into unconsciousness.


Alex looked at the report and sighed. Her mind kept wandering back to Nick.

Stop! she thought to herself. The only way you'll help him is if you can look at this report. She turned back to the pages in front of her hoping to find some connection.


Nick woke again slowly. This time his head only felt slightly foggy, but he could sense something was amiss.

He blinked to clear his vision and found himself looking at an old brick ceiling. He felt a roughness in his mouth and realized he had been gagged. He tried to sit up but he found himself tied down. He struggled, tugging at his bonds but they would not give. He eventually gave up, realizing the futility of struggling. He looked around him.

He was in a large room made of stone. It was dark and damp, and he was tied onto some sort of stone plinth. He realized then that his own clothes were missing and he was dressed in a long, white robe.

His mind worked furiously, trying to think of the last thing he could remember. He had been at home in bed, and there had been voices, but everything after that was a blank.

So where was he and how had he gotten here, but more importantly, how was he going to get out of here?


Derek and Rachel had arrived wearily back at the Inn by mid morning. Alex met them looking just as tired and worried.

"Found anything?" Derek said as soon as they reached Alex's room.

She sighed. "No. I've been trying to read the reports but I'm just so worried about him. He's all alone and these people are killers."

Rachel hugged her and they leant on each other for strength. "Right then, let's all freshen up and we'll redouble our efforts."


Half and hour later, they met again in Alex's room.

"Right, let's go through this again," Rachel said with a determined expression.

A few hours later they sat back sighing. It wasn't working.

"We've gone over these reports so many times, we're getting nowhere," Alex exclaimed, exasperated.

"Okay. We know the first victim first collapsed when he was at the Clarence place with Mr Hogan. The second victim collapsed while shopping at Hogan's. The only connection so far is Hogan's. But that all changes with the third victim, he collapsed at church, at a christening. The fourth victim collapsed at a church fair, we don't know where the fifth victim first collapsed, she lived on the streets." Derek said.

Rachel suddenly slapped her forehead. "We're going about his in the wrong way. We're looking for a connection, but there are at least five members of the coven. Now we know Nick first collapsed at the Clarence house, but then he collapsed again at the church in the presence of Samantha Clarence and Father Franklin. The first victim collapsed at the Clarence house, the third victim at church, do we know which one? But doesn't this suggest at least that Samantha Clarence is connected? We need to know who was present when the others collapsed." Rachel explained.

"Of course, we were so stupid. Okay, let's check out the rest of the victims now. We must hurry, time is running out for Nick." Derek said.


Half an hour later they gathered to find out what was new.

"Okay I phoned Mr Hogan to ask him if he remembered the second victim Tara McLain. He said he did, and that she collapsed in his shop, in the presence of Samantha Clarence who had come in to change an order personally," Rachel reported.

"Okay, that definitely puts Samantha in the top 5," Alex said with a trace of humor. "I phoned the committee that organized the fair and guess who opened it, only Father Franklin."

"So we need to follow them both, find out where they're going. Maybe they'll Lead us to Nick." Rachel said.

"Okay, Rachel and I will tail Samantha, Alex I want you to watch the church. Get in if you can but not if there's a chance you might be caught." Derek said.

They split up, all the while aware of approaching darkness.


At 11.30 pm Samantha Clarence was still ensconced in her house. Alex had reported that Father Franklin was preparing for a special midnight mass.

Derek and Rachel were falling asleep with boredom on their 'stakeout'. They were roused suddenly by the gates opening and Samantha Clarence leaving in her car.

"Okay, we're on the move," Derek said as they slowly followed.

They were only mildly surprised when Samantha led them to the church. They met up with Alex there.

"Looks like she's going to the midnight mass. I was talking with a local, apparently these midnight masses have been occurring once a month," Alex reported.

"Okay, let's follow her in," Derek said and they entered the church.

The Legacy members entered the church and found a large congregation gathered. They watched as Samantha approached a confession box.

"Right, let's move in, there must be some secret door in there..."

Derek's words were cut off as Samantha came out of the confession box and joined the congregation to listen to the sermons.

"Why don't we take a seat and keep an eye on her before people notice we're not here for the sermons." Alex suggested.


As he lay on the plinth the cold had slowly been biting into Nick's skin. He had no idea when 'they' would come and all his attempts to escape had proved futile and tiring.

A flickering light caught Nick's attention, he looked towards one of the openings in the room and saw the approaching light.

Slowly five figures entered the chamber and surrounded Nick.

He tried to contain his rising panic, where was Derek and the others.


A young priest walked up to the pulpit and began the evenings sermons.

"I wonder where Father Franklin is?" Rachel asked.

Just then Alex gasped.

"What is it?" Derek asked.

"That woman, it's not Samantha, they've made a switch," Alex explained.

Rachel and Derek both turned to the woman dressed identically to Samantha and sure enough with her hood fallen back they saw that it was not Samantha.

"Come on, let's explore that confession box, there must be some way through, hurry we're running out of time." Derek said urging his colleagues into swiftness.


The chanting began. Nick didn't recognize the language but that only worried him further. The robed figures were all wearing masks so he could not see who was underneath. He tried to cry out but his gag turned any sounds that emerged into no more than a muffled grunt.

The plinth he lay on began to glow. As suddenly as it started the chanting stopped and before Nick knew what was happening they were upon him.

He felt the biting fangs of the figures which caused him to cry out in pain, a sound that was muffled by his gag.

His robe was ripped from his body, leaving only his underwear. He felt the blood in his veins being slowly sucked out, and his struggles became weaker as his life blood flowed out of his body. Slowly he fell into a state of semi consciousness.

The robed leader stopped his comrades.

"The feasting is done, and now we offer this one to our Lord, on this most powerful of nights. Let Him come unto us," the robed leader intoned. "This one is now His servant as our we."

"Let his soul be His" the other robed figures chanted.

"Let the rewards be ours," the leader chanted.

"Let the rewards be ours," the others chanted.

Nicks body jerked.

From behind the robed leader a trembling began and a figure slowly rose from a pentagram etched onto the floor. His fanged teeth protruding from his twisted mouth. He stepped towards Nick.

"You have done well my subjects, you will be the rulers in this world as I subjugate it."

He put his hands on either side of Nick's head.


Derek found the secret door.

"Alex, go fetch the priest, I fear we may need his help," Derek said.

The congregation exclaimed in shock as Alex ran up to the pulpit and grabbed the priest saying, "Come quickly, you are needed."

The priest helplessly followed Alex to the confession box. They all ran through. A corridor lay beyond, twisting and turning and then stairs that descended under the church.

They heard cries of ecstasy coming from a chamber at the bottom of the stairs, and they approached it, bursting through the entrance only to be confronted with a horrific scene.

The demon had lowered his head and bit into Nick's neck. Nick's body stiffened in shock and pain as he felt the evil vileness of the demon. He could only try to cry out weakly as the demon began to suck out his life and his soul.

"Dear Lord," the priest exclaimed.

The demon raised it's head at the intrusion and roared in rage at the interruption, his hands lifting from Nicks' head.

"Banish the demon," Derek shouted at the priest.

"How?" the Priest asked fearfully.

"Read from the scriptures," Derek screamed at him.

The priest began to recite biblical scriptures in defense against the demon.

The demon and his acolytes screamed and fell to the floor writhing in pain, and the Legacy members took advantage of that fact to run to Nick and free his unconscious body from the plinth. As soon as Nick's body was removed from the pentagram a sudden blast of light and sound pushed everyone to the ground. When the light had disappeared the Legacy members looked around. There was no sign of the demon and his acolytes lay on the floor, their bodies burnt and twisted horribly.

They hurriedly removed themselves from the chamber. The priest trembling with shock and Derek dragging the unconscious Nick. They collapsed in relief when they reached the passage behind the confessional box.

"We need to get Nick to hospital immediately, he's weak and he's lost a lot of blood," Rachel said urgently



Nick was rushed to the local hospital where they immediately transfused him and transferred him to the ICU. His body slowly recovered from it's ordeal but he remained unconscious.

"What are we going to do?" Alex asked. "He recovered quickly but now he's starting to waste away. He's so pale."

"The demon took something out of him, he needs to get it back or cut himself off from the demon. I'm having him flown home, there's nothing more they can do for him here." Derek said.

"Are you sure that's a good idea? Moving him away from the hospital I mean?" Rachel asked.

"There is nothing they can do, and at Angel Island we can at least look for something that might cure him," Derek replied.


Nick was moved back to Angel Island. Derek engaged a nurse to take care of his bodily needs, but he still showed no signs of improvement.

Days were spent in the library and researching the database, looking for anything that might help them find a cure for Nick, but nothing turned up. They began to despair and Nick became paler and paler his body thinner.


Alex entered Nick's room, and dismissed the nurse that sat watching him. She sighed as she looked at his unchanged form. She walked over to the window, and looked sightlessly out over the Bay. She felt guilty. If she'd been quicker in analyzing her vision and the advice Aggie had given her then Nick would have been safe. They could have gotten to him in time to stop the demon. She fingered the charm that Aggie had given, she hadn't taken it off.

Sighing again she turned and walked over to Nick, she sat on the bed at his side and gently brushed back hair from his face. He looked so peaceful lying here, she just wished that he would wake up though. On impulse she took off the charm she wore and placed it around Nick's neck.

As soon as the charm made contact with Nick's skin it began to glow. Alex looked on in shock and then turned in startlement as the window blew open. Wind blew in loudly and Alex was almost blown off the bed.

The door burst open and Derek and Rachel entered. They were almost blown back out.

"What's going on?" Derek shouted at Alex.

"I don't know," she replied, " I just put the charm around Nick's neck and it began to glow."

Suddenly black smoke seemed to rise out of Nick's body and was sucked out by the wind. As soon as the smoke had left the room the wind stopped as suddenly as it had begun and the charm ceased glowing.

The Legacy members cautiously approached the bed. Derek picked up the charm and Rachel hissed in shock. Derek looked to see what had startled Rachel and saw that the pattern on the charm had been branded onto Nick's skin. Alex touched it cautiously. It was cool. Her hand flew back in shock as Nick moved slightly.

All three Legacy members watched warily as Nick's eyes slowly opened. He blinked a few times to clear his vision, and then frowned in confusion as he saw all three of them in his room.

"What are you guys doing here?" he asked, his throat dry and making his voice rasp.

Nick was startled at the grins that suddenly covered his friends faces and grunted as Alex and Rachel threw themselves on him, hugging him tightly.

"What did I miss?" he asked bemusedly.


The End

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