Hi! In this corner of the library you'll find a lot of fanfiction written by me, under the name of Soar.

We also have the Round Robin that is exclusive to this page. If you have the spare time and the inclination then you can submit the next piece to the round robin. I'd be eternally grateful. I have to give full credits to Kal, it was her idea to start this, and thanks to Morley for the first installment.

Round Robin

Cage and Anguinelle belong to Morley and Lili Unejupe belongs to Kirsty so please if you're going to rip them off get in touch with me so i can contact the owners on your behalf.

Part 1 by Morley.

Part 2 by A. Friend.

Part 3 by Soar.

Warning this is unfinished. Parts may be submitted by sending them to

X-Men fan fiction.

Childs Play by Soar

Remy and Storm face the return of someone they had thought dead and buried, they will not survive the encounter unchanged!

Childs Play

Parenthood by Soar

In the sequel to Childs play both Remy and Ororo must come to terms with their recent ordeal at the hands of Sinister. But for Remy the nightmare isn't over.

Parenthood part 1

Parenthood part 2

Parenthood part 3

Parenthood part 4

Parenthood part 5

Parenthood part 6

Parenthood part 7

Parenthood part 8

Parenthood part 9

Parenthood part 10

Parenthood Part 11

Parenthood Part 12

Warning this story is unfinished.

It's a small world after all by Soar.

Gambit has many secrets, but there are some things about his past that even he doesn't know. However, Sinister does.

It's a small world after all.

Family Ties by Soar and Kaleidopy.

In this sequel to 'It's a small world after all" the Summers family must deal with the recent revelation. However Sinister decides that he no longer wants to be without Remy and returns. The result is a race against time that could have enormous consequences for the prize.

Family Ties Part 1

Family Ties Part 2

Family Ties Part 3

A Dish Best Served Cold.

A grudge against Jean-Luc LeBeau has serious consequences for his son.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Star Trek: Voyager Fiction

Purity Control

Voyager encounters a friendly telepathic race, but someone isn't happy about their arrival. An old buried talent of Tom's means that his life is about to change forever.

Purity Control.

Poltergeist: The Legacy Fanfiction.

The Demon's Bite.

The Legacy is called in to investigate a number of strange deaths in a small town, but this investigation may cost one Legacy member his life.

The Demon's Bite.

Martins Cummins Round Robin.

Based on Poltergeist the Legacy.

Part 1 by Mer

Part 2 by Irisheyes

Warning. This is unfinished. To submit you have to be a member of the Martin Cummins Unofficial fanclub or mailing list.