Parenthood Part 2

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The lone figure sat still on the rocks. His gaze sightlessly looking out across the lake. A slight breeze ruffled long auburn hair like a lovers fingers. Still, the figure remained motionless.

Clouds began to cover the azure sky and eventually small droplets of rain began to fall. Water saturated the still figure, but he did not move.

The small droplets became a heavy downpour and a storm began to rage in the skies above. The figure moved now, involuntary shivers wracking the thin frame.

But the mind inhabiting the body was unaware of his physical discomfort. Inside his mind the lone figure was lost in memories so painful that soon tears mingled with rain and ran down his face. The storm raging around the figure reflected his inner turmoil.

Another figure slowly approached. She walked carefully along the rocks. The wind howled violently, yet no breeze touched her. Rain poured down saturating everything it touched. Everything but this woman. Her red hair remained perfectly coiffed. Her clothes warm and dry. As she approached she loosened stones with her step yet the lone figure was not aware of her approach.

The woman approaching eventually reached the young man and she sat down beside him. Her telekinetic shields extended around the young man, and yet, still he was unaware of the change. Until she touched him and softly called his name.


Suddenly the head snapped round and the woman was confronted with strange red on black eyes that seemed to pierce her soul. She shivered slightly and this seemed to bring Remy out of his trance.

"Jean?" he asked. His voice hoarse and confused.

"Remy why are you out here in the rain. You're soaked through and you're shivering," Jean said, her maternal feelings towards this man expressed through the warmth in her eyes and the gentle way in which she addressed him.

"The rain?" Remy said, still dazed, then he seemed to become aware of his surroundings. He shivered again.

Jean put her arm around him and helped the unresisting young man to his feet.

"Come on, let's get you inside."


She led Remy back to the boat house, where she and her husband made their home.

As she entered the living room, her husband looked up with his usual welcoming smile, however as he sighted Remy his smile began to fade. He opened his mouth to ask her why she had brought HIM here, but a quick mental warning had him keeping quiet.

Jean guided Remy close to the open fire which Scott had lit and pushed him gently into a chair.

Scott looked closely at Remy and frowned.

*What's happened to him?* Scott asked his wife through their telepathic link.

*I don't know. I found him just sitting by the lake. He was soaked and freezing but he didn't seem to be aware of the rain or the storm. I'm really worried about him Scott, he's too quiet. He wouldn't talk about what happened with Sinister before, and now after the accident in his room he seems to have gotten worse. He needs our help.*

*How can I help honey?*

*Go and get some towels please. We need to get him out of these wet clothes.*

*Okay I'll be right back.*

Scott was as good as his word and returned swiftly, with large fluffy towels and a large blanket.

He then helped his wife strip Remy of his top layer of clothes. Remy made no objection. In fact, he seemed to have sunk back into his trance.

Jean took some towels and wrapped them round Remy. She then took a smaller towel and began to rub Remys hair to get it as dry as she could.

Remy stirred. He looked up through and unguarded face. "Mama?" he asked in a small voice.

Jean's eyes filled with tears and she had to swallow past the lump in her throat.

Scott sensed Jean's distress through their link. "Remy. Remy. It's Scott and Jean okay?" he said shaking Remy gently.

Remy turned to Scott and his eyes slowly began to fill up with tears that trickled down his cheeks before dripping off his chin.

Scott looked at Remy's vulnerable child-like face and his tears, and felt himself becoming moved by Remy's distress. He roughly patted Remy's back and said nothing as Jean hugged Remy.

"Remy," she said gently, "Tell us what's wrong? Talk to us."

Remy looked at them both, his mouth moved, his throat worked but no sound came out. Instead the world seemed to tilt for both Scott and Jean as Remy drew them into his mind past his mental barriers.


With Jean's aid Scott felt the world become stable once more, and they became aware of their surroundings.

It was a laboratory. Remy was a child, strapped onto a table. There was a woman screaming out Remy's name but she couldn't reach the child.

A man was next to the table. He held some kind of surgical instrument above Remy. Remy was screaming and crying out. Scott and Jean's attention was drawn to a pair of glowing red eyes in the shadows as Remy called out for his Uncle Nathaniel.

The surgical instrument moved closer to Remy and Scott's protective instincts took over. He sent an optic blast into the man standing over Remy. Then he ran to the table and blasted the straps that held the young Remy down. He picked Remy up and took him back over to Jean.

The man had picked himself up. The wound Scott had inflicted disappearing as though it had never been there. Then suddenly the laboratory was gone and Scott found himself holding the sobbing Remy in his own living room. He noticed Jean's approach.

"Did you do that?" he asked her.

"Yes," she replied, "I brought us somewhere safe so that we can take care of Remy."

Remy was still in his child state and was holding tightly onto Scott. Scott could feel hot tears soaking through his sweater.

Strong instincts Scott had never known he'd possessed took over and he gently began to stoke Remy's hair, trying to calm him. Jean joined him and she embraced them both, making gentle soothing sounds in her throat.

Eventually Remy quietened. Jean felt it time for them to find out the reason Remy had brought them here.

"Remy. You need to show us why you brought us here. We can't help you otherwise."

Remy squirmed free of Jean and Scott and moved back into a corner. He looked at them both first in fear and then finally in resignation.

Suddenly Jean and Scott were transported from the living room setting to a deserted and broken down building. Through absent walls Jean and Scott could see that much of the area itself was in ruins.

They were alone in the ruin...but not for long.

Soon a young man rushed past them, not noticing their presence. Jean and Scott could both see the fear on his face, and both recognised him as being Remy.

Suddenly a large group of youths rushed into the building. They chased Remy until he was backed into a corner.

The youths surrounded Remy blocking any escape. Remy bared his teeth as he crouched into a defensive posture. His eyes frantically searching for any way out. Scott and Jean absently noticed that here Remy's eyes were blue.

Scott tried to rush forward to attack the youths himself but Jean restrained him.

"We can't Scott. This is a memory. Remy is trying to show us something."

Their attention was drawn back to the youths surrounding Remy.

"So kid, you thought you could move in on our patch. Don't you know no one is allowed onto Scorpion territory."

Remy did not reply which only angered the youths further.

"Okay we teach him a lesson."

The youths began to close in on Remy, who tried to get as far back into his corner as he could. Suddenly Jean pointed out to Scott visible black tendrils that reached out for Remy, as one youth displayed mutant abilities. The eyes of another began to glow.

A low chanting had started within the gang. The observers were unable to make out the words but they noticed a sudden change in Remy.

He had become tense and still. A distant look on his face. Then suddenly, one by one the youths began screaming and clutching their heads. They fell to the floor, or stumbled around the ruins a look of terror and pain on their faces.

Remy however, had not taken advantage of this to escape. In fact his body had begun to glow. The glow increased until it was painfully bright. Too bright to look directly at him. The observers recognised the signs of Remy's kinetic power being used and they looked on in horror as the force was suddenly released outwards in an explosion. The force began to shatter the building and the youths were instantly killed, their bodies nothing but smoking ash on the floor.

The building continued to fall apart, and Remy too exhausted to move collapsed just as his corner shook apart raining down debris.

The world tilted again and when Jean and Scott had recovered they found themselves in a lab. They saw Remy just stirring from unconsciousness. He became aware of his surroundings, and of the strange man with the glowing red eyes watching him.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I am a friend. I rescued you from the building."

"What you want?" Remy asked suspiciously.

"I am going to help you," Sinister said and suddenly the world went dark for Remy.


The world also went dark for Scott and Jean. When they regained their senses they realised they were back in their own living room, Remy still between them, covered in towels. He looked at them both once and then passed out.

*Scott help me lay him out on the couch* Jean said to her husband.

Scott did as she asked and then picked up the blanket he had gotten, before gently covering Remy with it. He stroked Remy's head once and then stepped back to embrace his wife.

*He looks so young and vulnerable* he thought to her.

*I know. I know* Jean replied *Scott, you remember you said that maybe it was time we started our own family? Well I have some news for you.*

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