Parenthood Part 3

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"You're pregnant?" Scott asked in shock.

A small smile curved itself onto Jean's face.

"How long? I mean... Why didn't you tell me before?"

"I didn't find out myself until just before Sinister caught us." At Scott's anxious look Jean reassured her husband, "No, he didn't touch me."

Scott sighed, and then a large smile broke out. "I'm going to be a father. Jean, honey, I love you."

As Scott picked her up and held her close Jean laughed delightedly. Then their mood sobered as a small child like sigh reminded them of Remy's presence.

They turned simultaneously to look at Remy, who was still unconscious, but now appeared to be in a natural sleep.

*I think he was exhausted Scott. He's been keeping so much in for so long.*

* I know honey. But he chose to let us in. So now we can help him right?*

*Yes. Come on. Let's leave him to sleep it off while I make us something to eat.*


Remy's eyes snapped open, as awareness hit him fully. He was at Scott and Jean's place, lying on the couch. But why?

Then memory returned and Remy remembered taking Scott and Jean into his past.

He groaned, which earned him a head popping round the kitchen door.

"Remy, you're awake. Good. Do you want something to eat?" Jean asked.

Remy blinked in confusion, and then his stomach rumbled answering for him.

Jean laughed, then she came over to the couch and pulled Remy to his feet before dragging him after her into the kitchen. Scott looked up from his seat at the table before smiling at Remy.

Remy halted mid stride in shock. Had Scott just smiled at him? Remy's surprise was further compounded when Scott actually stood up and pulled a chair out, gesturing for Remy to sit down.

Remy did, albeit hesitantly. He didn't like this. He was off guard. He was used to these people being predictable, knowing that he could rely on their responses to any situation. But right now they weren’t acting the way they should.

A plate was put before him, and Jean told him to eat up. His fingers moved to his knife and fork, his body naturally taking over as food was placed into his mouth.

"So Remy, do you want to talk about what happened earlier?" Jean asked quietly.

Remy nearly choked on his food. He looked warily at the expectant looks on both Scott and Jean's faces. He should have known he wouldn't be able to get out of this talk. He sighed.

"Not want to chere..." Remy began and then continued as Scott was about to interrupt, " ..but okay."

Jean smiled gently, "Okay. Finish your dinner first though okay?"


They were in the living room. Scott built up the fire again. The logs crackling under the flames. Remy sat in one corner of the couch with Jean sitting next to him and Scott in the chair close by.

"Remy you took us into your mind, and you showed us images from your past. Do you want to explain what they meant?" Jean started off softly.

Remy looked at her and Jean could see an internal struggle going on within him, and knew that he was still trying to decide if he would talk about what had happened.

When Remy sighed in resignation Jean knew what the outcome would be.

"Why don't you tell us about the first memory, in the ruined building?"

"Dat was when I first lost control o' my powers." He sighed. He seemed to be sighing a lot lately. "I was younger den, after I was kicked out o' de t'ieves guild. Was out stealin' tryin' to make a livin' for m'self, but I ran into trouble. Accidentally crossed paths wit' a group o' young mutants. Dey cornered me in dat building an' I was tryin' to use my powers to defend m'self, but de mutants too strong. Had to increase de power I used, an' it got outta control. Don't know why. I 'member I finally burnt m'self out an' I was fallin' to de ground when de building collapsed.

Next t'in I 'member I in Sinister's lab. I tired, but he fixed me up. He tol' me he my friend, an' he gon' help me. So I agreed to stay wit' him. Had no place else to go an' he helped me already.

Don' know 'xactly what he done, but he went into m'head. I didn' 'member him from my childhood. Or my parents." A shadow passed over Remy's face. "He asked me to do a few jobs, so I agreed. I earn my livin' an I trained as a t'ief. Anyway you know de rest."

"What about your eyes Remy. We saw in the building they were still blue. Did Sinister do that to you?" Scott asked.

Remy slowly shook his head, "Non, dat happen in de buildin'. When my powers lost control dey changed my body too. When I in Sinister's lab he trained me in my powers, an' I slowly discovered de changes. Eyes hurt at first. Couldn' go out into de light at all."


"What powers do you have exactly Remy?" Scott asked.

Remy began to shift uncomfortable. "I t'in is time for Gambit to go back to de mansion now non." He got up and made for the door only to find himself ensconced in a telekinetic bubble and transported back to the couch.

He was unceremoniously pushed back into his seat and a mutinous expression covered his face. Scott and Jean looked at each other.

*It's like trying to handle a rebellious child* Scott thought with faint amusement.

*Just think, we'll probably have to do this sort of thing all over again with our own children*

They shared a smile then turned their attention back to Remy.

"Remy, I need to look inside your mind, with your permission to see what Sinister did to control your powers," Jean said softly.

Remy shifted, his mutinous expression falling away to reveal innate wariness.

"I won't look anywhere else, I promise Remy. Just at the source of your control."

Remy finally muttered okay and Jean worked quickly before he changed his mind. She found it was easier to slip into his mind now after having spent prolonged periods there before. She quickly located the part of Remy's mind that controlled his powers and she saw immediately what had happened, and went about creating a temporary repair before exiting Remy's mind.

"Well?" Scott asked expectantly.

"It looks like Sinister placed a filter on your powers Remy. So that all you ever had access to was only a part of what you could actually do. I think it must have been damaged when you were changed into a child and then restored to your current state. I've placed a temporary filter there but it won't hold for long. We need to start you with some serious training Remy." Jean explained.

She saw the look of panic that quickly raced across Remy's face.

"Without training Remy you could accidentally hurt anyone in proximity to you," this was one blow Jean could not soften.

"We need to know what powers you have Remy so we can organize some training for them," Scott said. For once though, his tone was not dictatorial, but more like that of a parent trying to explain something to an unwilling child.

Remy understood what they were saying but it scared him, a lot. It would mean revealing too much about himself. Taking away some of the advantages. You shouldn't think like that, a voice said inside his mind. These people are your family. You should be able to turn to them in times of need.

He nodded finally, both to himself and to his team mates and friends.

"It not much. I have my kinetic power. I t'in a part of dat is dat I can sense my surroundings. I mean I can tell where everyt'in is at all times. It almos' like sensin' de molecules when I charge stuff only I ain't chargin it. You know? Also dere is my night vision, you know about dat. I pretty agile too. Papa always used to say I like a monkey an' a kangaroo crossed over." Remy smiled faintly.

"What about your mental powers Remy? I've deduced you're a pretty powerful telepath." Jean said.

Remy shot her a startled look, "How you know dat?"

Jean smiled, "It would take someone pretty strong to take me into their mind without my help."

Remy sighed "Yeah . I can feel some emotions too. Makes it easy to read a situation."

"When you attacked Bobby your body started to glow Remy, and you burnt the carpet where you were standing. You also physically pushed the Professor without touching him." Scott said.

A look of shock passed over Remy's features.

Jean saw and intervened. "I can understand the push in part I guess. It must have been your mental powers combined with your kinetic powers. Has it never happened before?"

Remy shook his head.

"What about the glowing then?" she asked.

"I can charge stuff t'rough any part o' my body. I guess I use so much energy dat it produce a lot of heat, but I didn' feel dat."

"Okay, well then, how about you go back to the mansion and get some sleep, and tomorrow we'll start on your training okay?" Jean said.

Remy nodded and left quickly before they could change their minds.

When he got back to the mansion he went straight to bed. Before he fell asleep he felt as though some of the stress and burdens he had been carrying had been lifted and he fell into a dreamless sleep.


Sinister had warily allowed David to stay at his facility. It had been a long time since they had seen each other and Sinister could see that David had been making some improvements to himself.

"So, I understand that my son was a recent visitor here." David said one evening.


"You couldn't keep him here?" David asked.

"No. Unfortunately, outside interference made that impossible."

"Nathan I need your help. This is the closest I've come to finding my son since Sorrel took him away from me. I want my son back." A fierce and determined look crossed David's feral features.

"Perhaps that can be arranged. I happen to know his current location."

"Wonderful. I'll have Remy back. I'll finally be able to see how my genetic modifications worked out on the boy. And you and I can find some new test subjects to play with maybe. I have a few new ideas I've been wanting to try. It'll be like old times." David began to laugh, and in remembrance of past enjoyment Sinister joined in.

end of part 3

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