Parenthood Part 4

A beeping awoke Remy. He groaned, his hand shot out and searched blindly for the off button on the alarm. A bang attested to the fact that the alarm wasn't all he'd found.

"Ah Dieu!"

Remy sighed in resignation and opened his eyes slowly, letting them adjust to the light in the room. He groaned again. This was way too early for him. He'd rather roll over and go back to sleep. He would have too, but a thought rose to the front of his mind and he was reminded of why he'd set the alarm to get him up so early in the first place. He was meeting Scott and Jean in the danger room for the start of his new training.

He rolled out of bed and staggered into the bathroom to get ready for his morning appointment.


The door slid open and Jean and Scott looked up to see Remy walk in slowly, trying to cover a yawn. They looked at each other and tried not to laugh.

"Good morning Remy," Jean said with a warm welcoming smile.

Remy's response was to look blearily at them. Scott and Jean laughed.

"Come on then Remy, let's get started, " Jean said.

They all stood together.

"I'm going to be in the control room today, controlling the testing. Jean and I thought that it would be easier for you to start with her."

Remy nodded and Scott left the danger room.

"Now Remy, we know what you could do before, but now we need to work you up to a level where you can control the full extent of your abilities. I'm here to help you if things get out of hand. We'll start with your kinetic abilities this morning, and then this afternoon we'll work on your telepathy okay?" Jean explained.

Remy sighed reluctantly but signaled his agreement anyway.

Jean was silent for a moment and Remy sensed that she was talking to Scott. All of a sudden the danger room changed around them as a sequence was initiated. Remy had no time to think as he and Jean were attacked from all sides.

Missiles flew at him but Remy's spatial awareness warned him of their approach and he twisted agilely in mid air throwing charged cards at them. They exploded on impact.

Remy laughed. In action he always felt a sense of freedom. He was pushing himself and in the danger room there was no danger of his hurting anyone if he lost control. He knew that Jean could take care of herself.

Suddenly the pace changed. Remy sensed the change instantly. The flying missiles came faster and thicker. The ground targets suddenly doubled in numbers and became harder to take out.

Remy's pace increased to try and compensate for this new threat but it wasn't enough. There were too many. Where was Jean? Remy could no longer see her.

Remy's senses began screaming at him. Multiple targets were heading his way, and there was no way he could avoid them all. He felt the first edges of panic. Why hadn't Scott terminated the program. Why wasn't Jean here with him?

Remy twisted in the air watching the missiles approach. The advance seemed to slow in Remy's mind and he felt a sudden force wrenched from him. He looked down. His whole body was glowing white with heat, and he was hovering slightly off the floor. Suddenly, almost beyond his control, he felt his reflexes send out the power contained in his body to the approaching threats. He saw the energy leaving his body in white streams of almost infinitesimal bubbles of power.

The streams of power hit their targets slowly and one by one the approaching threats were destroyed in an ear shattering explosion.

All of a sudden Remy's vision quickened again and he felt himself fall to the floor, exhausted from the power he had just expended. Smoke billowed around him, choking him, and his lungs began to struggle with the need to breathe properly.

Through the foggy smoke, he saw a bubble of light approach. It was Jean, rushing to his side, concern clearly etched on her face.

*Remy are you okay?* she asked.

Remy just looked blankly at her, and then his eyes watered and closed as a coughing fit wracked his thin frame.

When he opened his eyes again, Scott was there, with a hover stretcher. Jean telekinetically lifted him and placed him on the stretcher. He closed his eyes again and tried to concentrate on breathing as he was transported to the medlab.

End of part 4

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