Round Robin part 2.

Part 2 supplied by A.Friend.



Anguinelle smiled at him.

"Come on me your best"

Cage nodded sheepishly, focusing his attention on the people crowding the dance floor. But suddenly the pang in his stomach ceased, as it did the excitement of hunting that had always made his lifeless heart twitch when mortals were in sight.

"I...I can't. I'm not hungry tonight" he stammered nervously.

Anguinelle stared at him. You could see cold flames dancing into her green eyes.

"Don't be know you need it. And I need it, too." she hissed.

"I don't need it! Since the damned day I met you, you have always been telling me what I wanted...what I needed!" he shouted harshly.

People around the room glanced at them, then turned back at their occupations, with an indifference that Anguinelle found most insulting.

"Ooooooh at last you have grown up, my poor baby!" she mocked him " ungrateful dog, I thought you were different, I thought I could change you, but you're still the loser I wasn't compassionate enough to slay one year ago!" Her beautiful face was flushed in rage.

"You better had!" He lowered his gaze. "I...I'm decaying, Angie. The blood of these mortals helps me in preserving my flesh, nevertheless in this year my soul has kept rotting...I'm tired of all this shit now. I miss the Sun...I miss life. And I want them back."

Anguinelle felt something deep in her chest, a sharp pain piercing through her cold heart. She loved him, after her own way. And now she was losing him.

"Cage excuse me, I have been so harsh with you...please, don't leave me now."

She hugged him tightly, and he suddenly felt so naive, as if it were the first time he ever had a girl so close to him, clumsily wrapping his arms around her waist . "I'm so confused."

The music submerged them like a tide, washing away for a second all the sadness from their tormented soul, as they were finding a little comfort in each other's arms.

end of part 2

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