Family Ties 2

Family Ties Part 2

Written by Soar and Kaleidopy.

Remy was a lot of things but a coward was not one of them. Pulling out several cards, he charged them and threw them at Sinister. When nothing happened, and Essex kept approaching, Gambit charged the whole deck and threw them at the scientist.

He yelled through the smoke as Sinister stood before them, unscathed. "Dis not possible." Remy was beginning to panic as the figure flashed an evil smile.

Scott glanced upwards seeing that Jean was frantically pushing buttons and flipping switches trying to shut the program down. He grabbed his brother by the arm and pulled him closer. "Somehow Sinister has broken the codes for the training sessions and beamed his image into this program." It was the fear he read on Remy's face as the younger Summers brother tried to control his emotions through the mask he was displaying. "He's not here. It's just an image." Scott repeated, not sure if it was to calm Remy or himself.

Sinister held out his hand. "Come to me now LeBeau. Spare yourself the agony of delaying the obvious outcome. I assure you the next time I appear, the choice will not be yours to make." With those last words, Sinister's image disappeared.

Scott sighed a deep breath of relief,glanced upwards and noticed that Jean had disappeared. He was about to reach her by com, but his wife rushed into the danger room with Hank, Logan and Storm behind her.

"Scott, I don't know what happened." Jean tried to explain. She was out of breath. "The controls froze. Nothing worked. I used my telepathy to reach the other X-men for help. Are you and Remy alright?"

Scott shook his head,glancing over at Remy, he was about to ask his brother the same question but the young man had gone white in the face. Before anyone could say another world, Gambit ran out of the room.

Logan took off after the retreating X-man. Storm could see the worried looks that were being exchanged between Cyclops and Phoenix. "Jean told us about Sinister's image being controlled inside one of our practice sessions."

Scott glared as the last of the smoke that Gambit's charged cards had left. "I want a full inspection of all our computer equipment I want to know how Sinister could break into our home and..." His voice trailed off. He glanced around at the others and then left. He had to find Remy.

*       *      *      *    *

High above the mansion, Rogue and Warren were soaring in the air enjoying the sunny day. They knew not to fly high enough for the locals to see them. Professor Xavier wanted his students to keep a low profile. Warren happened to glance downward to see a dark car parked several hundred feet away from the mansion gates. Warren touched his com. "Scott, we got visitors. Want me to check it out?"

Scott's voice answered back. "Just keep in touch."

Warren flew around several groves of trees and stayed out of sight as he watched the black car. Several minutes went by before the driver did anything. The man was speaking to someone in the passenger seat,he didn't recognize either men. One of the men got out of the car and stuck something in between the gate. Angel watched as the car drove off and he went to investigate. He told Rogue to stay behind to watch his back.

Warren saw it was a piece of paper that was stuck in the gate. He touched the paper. The second Warren touched the paper, he was electrified. He never had a chance to scream before darkness over took him.

Rogue flew to his rescue only to be stopped as an image took form and Sinister appeared. He picked up the unconscious Angel, glance up at Rogue and said. "Inform your companions that Worthington will be released when my property is returned." With those last words, he disappeared.

end of part 2

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