Parenthood Part 9

When Remy re-entered the lab he saw that his mother was gone. He wondered where to. He hoped nothing bad had happened to her because of his defiance. The guard's slight coughing alerted Sinister and David to the fact that they were no longer alone.

"Ah, son. Come in, come in, we've got a lot to do if we're to determine your new educational curriculum."

Remy frowned in confusion. He was going back to school?

David noticed his son's confusion and explained what was about to happen.

"This computer over here is set up with a series of tests to test your knowledge and learning capabilities. We're going to see what areas of your education need to be improved upon and in what areas you are already proficient."

Remy frowned but he couldn't really see the catch that must be hidden in this. This couldn't be just a simple test. Remy didn't have time to consider this as he was pushed forward towards the computer by the guard at his back. The guard pushed him roughly into the chair. He frowned and moved to rise, but suddenly restraints appeared on the seat, going around his head to keep it still and around his wrists and ankles.

He struggled, his eyes searching frantically for a means of escape. His fingers clenched as he tried to reach any part of the chair or his restraints in order to charge them, but it was hopeless. He ceased his futile struggles and looked around warily. Now what was going to happen.

David approached and began manipulating the computer.

"Now son, I'm going to start the test in a moment. The computer will ask you some questions and you simply have to answer them verbally. Simple enough eh? Oh by the way, you won't be released until the test is complete. So it's in your best interests to answer quickly. However, if I think that you aren't making enough of an effort, then we'll restart the test, but next time I'll add further inducements to make you complete it. How does that sound eh? Wonderful"

Remy shook his head furiously. "You ain' gon' get not'in outta me," he stated defiantly.

David smiled but it was cold enough to freeze Remy's heart. "That's a shame. It simply means that I will have to talk to your mother about your behavioral problems."

David didn't specify exactly what the talk would involve but Remy had gleaned enough from what Sorrel and David had both said. He bowed his head wearily as the defiance melted from him.

David smiled victoriously.

Remy said nothing as the test began. Self consciously and hesitantly at first he answered the questions. He tried hard to answer the questions as quickly and as accurately as possible, he didn't want to know what David would decide to do if he thought Remy wasn't making enough of an effort.


Eventually the test ended. Remy's throat was dry and sore from what felt like hours of constant talking. Some of the questions had required an enormous amount of calculating, something he had to admit he was not used to. He thought that Hank would have been at home doing this kind of test.

Remy was released from the chair abruptly and the two guards hauled him before his father.

"Right, next thing. While we wait for the computer to analyze your test results I've got a little physical arranged for you." David said smiling.

Remy's breath caught. A physical? What kind of physical?

David must have read some emotion from Remy's face because he laughed before explaining. "Nothing to worry about. We're going to put you in a simulation to test your physical skills. Nothing too strenuous, just testing your limits."

Remy was taken to a room much akin to the danger room back at the X-Mansion. But he had no more time to prepare as suddenly the guards left the room and a sequence was initiated. Remy immediately sensed deadly missiles headed his way and he wondered if there were any safety parameters for this program, and whether they were being used.


Remy sank to the floor in exhaustion as the simulation finally faded away. He had an answer to his earlier question anyway. He bled from a variety of scrapes and one deep gash in his side that pulled painfully when he moved too quickly. If this was his father's idea of nothing too strenuous then he'd hate to have to undergo a full workout.

The familiar sight of two guards greeted him when he looked up again and he wearily rose to his feet to be escorted from the room and back into the lab.

David and Sinister were working at a nearby terminal, and David distractedly turned around at the intrusion.

"Finished already. Well good. Very well, you two take him to his room then send his mother to fix up those cuts." Then David turned around again signaling his dismissal of them.


David turned to Sinister. "It seems there won't be too much work to do after all. I must thank the Thieves Guild and the X-Men, his physical training doesn't need much work. His education however is quite appalling. It will probably take far too long to educate him up to the required standard without any help," David frowned in thought.

"How do you plan to make him co-operate with you? Willing cooperation would be better than forced." Sinister asked.

"Hmm. I agree. But he's very stubborn. Takes too much after his mother. We'll have to put a mind block on him for now and then begin his re-education. If he becomes accustomed to taking orders then it won't matter if he removes the mind block. It will have become habit for him to obey. Or at least that idea will do until I can come up with something more permanent," David explained.

Sinister nodded in agreement. "That can wait till later though. I wanted to talk to you about something new I've been working on." Sinister led David off to another lab for a discussion on genetics.


Remy sat in his room wondering what would be expected of him next. He was sure he wouldn't enjoy whatever it was. His body was tired and sore. Nothing had been done about his wounds.

His stomach rumbled, reminding him that he hadn't eaten since before he was taken. He got up and went to his door. He extended his spatial senses but the corridor beyond was empty, so he decided he would go in search of food. And his mother too.

After about half an hour of fruitless searching he finally found something that resembled a kitchen and he hunted through cupboards for something to eat. He finally came up with some cornflakes, and decided they were better than nothing. He fixed them in a bowl having to go without milk and sugar because he couldn't find them, and then left the kitchen in search of his mother.

He came to a crossroads in the corridor and was wondering where to go when he suddenly sensed movement. He had no time to look for an escape as his father and Sinister came out of a door on his right. He froze with a spoonful of cornflakes halfway to his mouth, and watched as David noticed his presence. He hadn't sensed their approach at all.

"What are you doing out of your room Remy?" Sinister asked.

Remy defensively held his cornflakes close to his chest, but said nothing, only glaring resentfully at the pair.

"Lost your tongue?" his father asked.

"Wanted somet'in to eat," Remy mumbled finally.

David sighed. "Very well. You have your food, now go back to your room," David said dismissively.

Remy hesitated. Drawn between confronting Sinister and his father, but knowing that would be suicidal, and simply obeying. He didn't enjoy the prospect of either. He wasn't given a choice in the end.

"Boy, I do not have time for this." David walked up to him and grabbed one of his arms, and for all Remy's struggling he was dragged back to his room.


Once back in his room Remy was left alone to finish off his cornflakes. He placed the empty bowl on the floor beside his bed and wondered what he should do next. He decided to try the exercises Jean had shown him. He was halfway through when he was disturbed by his door opening. He looked up startled. It was his mother.

"Maman!" he exclaimed and got up quickly.

Sorrel met him halfway and pushed him back onto the bed. "David said that you had hurt yourself. Show me."

Remy reluctantly let her examine and heal him. Afterwards he swayed slightly. Sorrel sympathetically hugged him. "I know, a lot of the strength for the healing comes from your own body, it leaves you tired. You should rest. Tomorrow is bound to be busy."

Remy wanted to disagree. That they should stay up plotting their escape but he felt his eyelids drooping and before he knew it his mother was pushing him down onto the bed and he fell asleep.

Sorrel stood over Remy watching him sleep, and hated the fact that she had lied to him. He wasn't tired because of the healing but because she had drained some of his energy. She knew what David had in store for her son and she could do nothing to prevent it. She didn't fear for herself, only how much worse it would be for Remy without her intervention.

"He's asleep," she called out to the guards outside, and stood back as they placed Remy on a gurney and wheeled him back to the lab. She followed them, reluctant to witness what was coming next.


In the lab Remy was transferred to a table in the center of the room. David and Sinister were waiting to the side, and as soon as the guards moved back they moved towards Remy.

Sorrel had no choice but to watch as they cut her son open and placed strange, foreign objects in his body. But that wasn't the worst. She had to play her part by keeping him unconscious and then healing his body after the surgery.

As soon as she'd healed him Nathaniel stepped forward and took a hold of Remy's head. He was gentle with Remy but that couldn't stop the invasive procedure that took place as Essex attempted to place a mind block on Remy. It wasn't to be a comprehensive mind block, just one that made sure compliance would be compulsory.

Remy jerked as Sinister forced his way into his mind. Essex frowned at the strength of Remy's mental shields. David noticed Nathaniel's trouble and ordered Sorrel forward to help him.

Tears fell down Sorrel's face as she used her son's love for her to help place the mind block.

When they had finished Remy was taken back to his room oblivious of all that had been done to him.


Remy awoke groggily and wondered that he had slept so deeply.

He sat up in his bed and immediately felt a difference in his body. He looked at himself but could find no traces of anything that had happened as he'd slept. He frowned, puzzled. He couldn't explain it but he was sure something was different. Wrong.

He got up quickly and left his room, intending to find an answer to his puzzle and found himself walking in the direction of the lab. The doors opened automatically for him and he entered.

His father and Uncle Nathaniel were already there working, and Remy wondered privately to himself why he had come here.

The scientists noticed his presence and David looked up smiling warmly at his son. Remy frowned in puzzlement but he didn't know why this should feel so wrong.

"Good morning Remy, ready to begin?" David asked him.

Remy nodded. "Oui Papa. What am I doin' dis mornin?" he asked.

David directed him over to a computer. I just want you to work from this station. The computer will teach and test you and then we'll evaluate your results at the end of the lesson okay?"

Remy wanted to shake his head and object but found himself agreeing to his father's wishes.

Remy did not see the cruel smile of triumph that crossed David's face as Remy thoughtlessly obeyed his order. Things were working perfectly.


end of part 9

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