Parenthood Part 11

After David had finished gloating he'd called for two of his men to carry Remy back to his room. Sorrel had tried to follow, but Remy had ignored her presence at his side and David had ordered her back to her own room, refusing to allow her to heal her son, and take away the pain that lingered from David's assault.

Remy was dumped on his bed and the two guards left him alone. He heard the sound of the door locking but didn't move. Every inch of his body screamed protestingly when he moved, so he curled himself into a fetal ball and lay as still as possible trying to force the pain away.

In a way he was glad of the pain. It kept his mind occupied, so that he wouldn't have to think about his mother, and the part she had played in the violation of his body. A lot of it was confusing anyway.

David was his father, therefore didn't he have the right to expect Remy's obedience, and respect. Shouldn't Remy try as hard as possible to be the perfect son? Then why did he feel that David's little 'additions' to his body were a violation?

Why couldn't he shake the feeling that this whole scenario was wrong. He also badly wanted to know what else had been put inside of him.

There was a sound at the door. Remy turned over swiftly to see if it was David come to punish him again, and pain shot through his body. He bit his lip to stop himself crying out but couldn't restrain a small moan. He closed his eyes wishing that the pain would stop, and didn't see Sinister enter the room.

The next thing he became aware of, was a cool hand on his forehead. It felt blissful against his hot, fevered skin, and he moaned softly.

"Remy," Essex said gently and began to stroke the younger man's hair off his face.

Remy opened his eyes. "Oncle 'taniel?" he asked weakly.

"Shhhhh, Remy, I am here to help you. I have something that will alleviate the worst of the pain. Lay still now and I will inject you with it." Essex explained, and put a syringe against Remy's unresisting body.

Remy sighed audibly as the contents of the syringe began to take effect and the worst of the pain disappeared. "Oncle Nat'an'iel. Why was Papa so mad? I don' understand what I did dat was so bad."

"My child, your father should have explained certain things to you. What we do here is for your own good. You know that I would never do anything to hurt you?" Remy nodded. "And neither would your father. He only wants what is best for you. You want to please us don't you?" Remy nodded again.

"I do, Oncle, but there is somet'in inside o' me, dat keeps sayin' dat dere is somet'in really wrong. I don' know why. I know you never hurt me Oncle, nor Maman, but when Papa tol' me dat she lied to me, dat she helped him do dose t'ings to m'body, I felt so betrayed. I t'ought dat she loved me. She always looked after me. I don' understand any o' dis Oncle Nat'an'iel.. I feel so confused." Tears began to escape Remy's eyes and made their way slowly down his cheeks.

Sinister sighed. He had wanted no part of this, but David was the boy's father. How to make things right with Remy without revealing too much. "Remy I..." Essex was interrupted as his comm unit suddenly bleeped. He cursed silently for the intrusion and then activated it. "Yes?" he said testily.

It was Arclight. "Boss we got a Code Red at your Boston base," she said to him.

This time he cursed audibly. "Very well. I shall be there shortly, meanwhile try to contain the situation."

Arclight confirmed that she would and disappeared. Sinister rose before looking regretfully down at the young man before him. "Forgive me Remy, but I must leave. A small problem has arisen but I must deal with it personally."

"Understand, Oncle," Remy said but he kept his head lowered and his face hidden.

Essex sighed again but could say nothing, so he left.

After he had left the room Remy heard the door lock again but he could muster no energy to deal with this. He couldn't stop the despair that swept over him and the loneliness that surrounded him.


Remy was left completely alone for the rest of the day. Guards brought him food and water, but said nothing to him. The following morning, he was awakened by someone prodding him in the ribs. He opened his eyes slowly, to let them adjust to the light.

"Oui?" he asked tiredly.

"Get up. Your father wants you to go to his lab," the guard said to him.

Remy stifled the fear that rose instinctively. He hoped that this was not going to be an extension of his punishment. "Has m'oncle returned?" He asked the guard.

"No," the guard said and left the room to wait for Remy to get ready.

Shortly after Remy found himself being escorted towards David's main lab, his feet dragging slightly in trepidation and reluctance. His escorts stopped him in front of the lab's main doors, and as they opened they pushed him inside before the doors slid shut.

David looked up as Remy entered. "Good, good, today I've decided that it's time you started to learn the family business," David explained.

Remy felt a flutter in his stomach, but the family business was...

David laughed as he watched realization dawn on Remy's face. "Your first task is to retrieve Specimen #4090 from it's tank. Hurry up, I have a very busy schedule lined up and I cannot afford delays. It's bad enough that your uncle has had to go off and deal with his own problems, now he can't help me with my experiments. Well go on then, don't just stand there."

Remy moved reluctantly over to the cylinders. Walking slowly along, he noticed that each cylinder had a number attached to the outside informing people of what specimen was currently occupying that particular tank.

As he walked along Remy couldn't help but look inside the tanks. Thankfully most were empty, but some contained the most wretched looking forms Remy had ever seen. The forms inside were emaciated to the point of being skeletal. Their eyes were kept lowered as Remy walked past. Most just lay there, almost lifeless. Finally two tanks away from the end of the row, Remy found the tank containing Specimen #4090.

He looked inside, and was surprised as the occupant's head lifted to meet his gaze. It was a young girl. Perhaps not more than 17 although it was hard to tell from the thinness of her frame. He long blond hair now lay in tattered knots against her head. Dirt clinging to the greasy locks. Her eyes were an amazing shade of violet and they met Remy's gaze in defiance spitting fire.

Remy swallowed, and then looked back at his father. David was concentrating on a computer terminal in front of him. Swallowing, he found his gaze drawn back to the girl in front of him.

"What's yo' name chere?" he asked tentatively in a whisper.

The girl did not reply but continued to glare at him. Remy was startled when a hand suddenly tapped his shoulder.

"Are you planning to stand there all day?" his father asked impatiently.

Remy hung his head, trying to deflect his father's growing black mood.

"Nothing to say for yourself, hmph, you want something done you have to do it yourself. Go back over to the table," David ordered his son and then he turned back to the tank. He operated a few buttons along the wall and a gas suddenly flooded the tank. Remy turned and saw the girl inside frantically trying to tear at the walls, but her resistance did not last long and she slumped. David pressed another series of buttons and the gas disappeared, the door opened and David stepped in to retrieve the girl himself.

He carried the girl back to his table before placing her down and restraining her. Remy only watched, uncertain of what to do, or how he could get out of this situation.

His father then moved over to a nearby table that held a number of instruments, most were crude looking, but along side were some scanners that could have been at home in the sickbay of the Starship Enterprise.

As David turned back to the unconscious girl he began a running commentary. "Now first thing I'm going to do with this subject is take a sample of her blood. I'll need an extensive amount because I'll be using it for gene mapping and DNA extraction. If we're lucky then this subject might contain something we can use in a more productive way at a later time."

David kept up this commentary explaining what he was doing to his horrified son. Remy could not watch as his father's explorations of the young girls body became more and more invasive, and he imagined himself lying there helpless, as his father worked his evil designs on him. But no, that couldn't be right, because hadn't both his father and his uncle explained that what they were doing was a very important thing, that would help a lot of people. Like himself.

He just wondered why the procedures had to be so violent and the subjects appear so unwilling.

Remy's attention was drawn back to the table as the young girl came around and began to struggle to free herself. David had been in the middle of an extremely violent looking procedure and his instrument slipped as the girl writhed on the table.

Her screams shook Remy's soul. He felt it all the way into the deepest darkest parts of him. He was unaware of his empathic powers creeping out towards the girl, unconsciously trying to form a bond, but he suddenly became aware of an excruciating pain in his body. He felt closed in and trapped all at once, and he cried out in terror, and pain. David's attention was drawn to his son as Remy screamed and clutched at his head.

"Stupid boy," he growled and suddenly snapped the girls neck.

Her struggles ceased instantly, and Remy was suddenly snapped back to awareness. He took one look at the corpse on the table before collapsing neatly to the floor.

End of part 11.

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