Round Robin part 3

Here's part 3 supplied by Soar.

Anguinelle stepped away from Cage.

"Come on," she said, "let's have a little fun tonight."

"How?" Cage asked, bemused by this sudden change in her.

"There is a power we have which I have not yet shown you," she said with a mysterious smile.

He smiled, "Okay, so what is it?"

She tapped her head, laughed and said, "Think about it."

He stared at her, mystified, "What?"

"Think about it," she said again, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

He sighed in frustration. What game was she playing now, he thought to himself.

She looked at him, and, seeing that he was tiring of her teasing, explained, "We have the power to read minds, try it!"


"You need to clear your mind first, empty it of all thoughts."

"And then?"

"Let it wander. It's easy."

He did what she said and cleared his mind. There were sounds from all around him, intruding in his mind, but he pushed them away. Finally, when he thought his mind was empty he let it wander.

He wasn't expecting anything much. Anguinelle liked to play games.

He started to feel dizzy and he almost stumbled but Anguinelle held him up. He opened his eyes and stared at her.

"What happened?" he asked.

"You were feeling the emotion in the club," she said. "Try again, but this time focus on one part of that feeling."

Again he emptied his mind, it was easier this time, and he let it wander. He felt the dizziness again but this time he examined the feeling.

There, what was that? There was something different in this feeling. He examined that feeling closer, blocking out all other the others. It was coming from somewhere in the club.

He opened his eyes when he felt he had discovered the source of the feeling and found himself looking at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

His breath caught in his throat. He needed to get closer.

He moved away from a startled Anguinelle and approached the woman.

She was a petite oriental woman with thick black hair that cascaded down her shoulders. She turned and watched him approach with wide eyes, as though drawn to him.

He stopped when he neared her and said two words.

"I'm Cage."

"Lili Unejupe," she said and a hesitant smile crossed her face.

end of part 3

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