Family Ties part 1

Remy was finding it hard to believe. It had only been one week. One week since his whole world had been turned upside down and shaken about. He had discovered a family, a lot closer to home than he'd imagined.

A lot of talking had been crammed into that one week, because Alex and Christopher Summers had had to leave, having commitments elsewhere.

Remy had made the most of the time they'd had to spare getting to know them quite well, although he regretted their disappointment in not finding out much about him.

Remy acknowledged that, but found it hard to open himself up to others. Even to a newly discovered family. In analysing himself he realised that perhaps he was more scared of them finding out all about him than anyone else.

What Remy found most amusing was the sudden change in Scott's attitude towards him. It was as if finding out Remy was related to him meant that he had suddenly become one of the good guys. There could be nothing he'd done in his past which wasn't justifiable. If only Scott knew! The thought sobered Remy and he sighed again.

He appreciated the fact that Scott, and Jean, were going all out to make him feel welcomed iinto the family, but he wasn't sure he was ready for the attention.

Remy was grateful for Jean's presence. After seeing Scott's little present she had persuaded him that identical uniforms might not be best, as Remy's own uniform was one he was already accustmed to 'working' in. Scott had reluctantly agreed and Remy had put on a face of disappointment.

The X-Men hadn't helped that much. Especially Stormy and Logan, who had gone out of their way to encourage Scott's enthusiasm, much to their amusement and Remy's disgust.

The worst thing though was Remy's own change. He found himself making more of an effort to please. To fit in. He laughed at his behaviour. It was a position he'd never expected to see himself in, although he couldn't deny the effect it had had on him.

Remy sighed, this introspection couldn't be too good for him. If he kept thinking about these things he'd drive himself mad.

He looked at his clock and swore softly. He had a training session with Scott scheduled to start in five minutes and he had yet to change.


Ten minutes later and he walked into the danger room. Scott was already there looking the epitome of readiness and authority.

Remy ducked his head slightly as he saw Scott's slight frown. He felt like a child about to be reprimanded, but Scott said nothing about it.

"Ready?" he asked instead.

"Oui. What's de mission?" he asked.

"Information retrieval. Enter the building, locate the mainframe and destroy all mutant listings.," Scott said.

"What about defence?" Remy asked.

"Scouting reports light defences, mostly mechanical. Jean is controlling the program," Scott explained.

Remy looked up, noticing Jean for the first time. She smiled and waved down to him. Remy smiled and waved back.

And then the program began.

The scene changed to that of a large building surrounded by an open enclosure and high electric fences.

He and Scott approached the compound with caution, pausing at the top of an overlooking hill. They lay down and looked through a pair of binoculars at the more obvious signs of security.

"Shouldn' be a problem Scott, I can get over de fence and disable de alarm system long enough for you to get over too, b'fore anyone notice anyt'in strange."

Scott nodded and Remy stealthily made his way down to the fence. It wasn't hard. Security in the compund didn't appear to be very tight and the guards were oblivious to Remy's passing through. The alarm system itself was a simple one that Remy had bypassed on many occasions before. It wasn't long before Scott had joined him at one of the building's side doors.

"Do we know where 'xactly de mainframe is?" Remy asked his brother.

"Yes, it's in one of the most central rooms in the complex. I have a copy of the plans here." Scott explained..

"Bon, I like to be prepared." Remy said grinning.

Remy opened the door quickly and easily, and entered cautiously.. His light tread making almost no sound. His body moving like the wind.

Security inside the building seemed almost as lax as outside and it wasn't long before Scott and Remy were standing in a room surrounded by a large mainframe. Scott moved over to the nearest computer terminal.

"You keep a look out whilst I do what we came here to do." Scott stated and Remy took up a defensive position behind Scott.

Scott was halfway through the retrieval when the sound of a door opening caught his attention. Remy was frowning in puzzlement and turning to face the threat when suddenly the intruder stepped into the room.

Scott watched as all colour drained from his brother's face and felt his own body start in instinctiver fear. It was Sinister.

Remy stepped backwards one step at a time trying to put as much distance between himself and Sinister as possible.

Scott frowned again. This wasn't supposed to be in the program. He knew Jean was adding random factors into the program but she was still supposed to have control, and she wouldn't have put Sinister in the program without discussing it with him first. Especially after their recent encounter with him. Scott knew, although Remy hadn't discussed it with him that Remy was still having nightmares.

"Computer. End the program," Scott stated.

He waited for the room to change back to it's ordinary appearance but nothing happened.

"Finding yourself without control Mr Summers," Sinister said to him, and Scott looked back at Sinister with a sudden wariness.

"Jean, terminate the program now please," Scott said activating his communicator.

There was no repsonse.

Sinister moved further into the room, and Scott acted instinctively. Beams of light shot out of his eyes and into Sinister.

Sinister laughed as the beams passed through him and he continued to approach. He was not, however, approaching Scott. Remy seemed to take up most of his attention.

"I surmise that you are currently running a program in your little games room," Sinister said sneering. "Well I decided to leave this little present for you Master LeBeau-Summers. I wanted to give you a little message"

Remy frowned and swallowed audibly.

"And what would that be Sinister?" Scott asked.

"Simply that you should enjoy your playtime with your family and friends Remy, I shall be coming to fetch you soon."

end of part 1

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