Round Robin part 1

Here's part 1 supplied by Morley.



A thin mist curled through the streets as Cage stood and waited. He slowly dragged on a cigarette, enjoying the sensation of the bittersweet smoke filling his lungs. He was waiting for Anguinelle, he pictured her in his mind, her dark and luscious red hair, her sensuous lips, her piercing green eyes, her unnatural grace. She was his mother, lover, creator and death all at the same time. A beautiful killer she had taken his life a little over a year ago, in retrospect maybe he had been seeking death. He had no idea that it would come in the form of a mythical vampire.

Anguinelle turned up a fashionable five minutes late smiling sweetly at Cage.

"You haven't been waiting long have you?" She asked innocently.

"Don't come over all innocent with me, you know damn well that I've been waiting for twenty minutes" scowled Cage.

Anguinelle just laughed and kissed him on the neck, the tips of her teeth brushing tantalizingly over his skin, and then taking him by the arm led him across the road to the night-club opposite.

Upon entering Cage found himself surrounded by a heady melange of sight, sound and smell. Taking a moment to orient himself he looked around, feeling the first pang of hunger deep in his gut. He always felt this way when surrounded by this many mortals, swiftly lighting another cigarette to quell the pangs he entered the fray. Anguinelle grabbed his arm and dragged him up onto the balcony surrounding the dance floor.

"What do you see?" She said pointing at the dance floor.

"People" Cage replied with a smirk, he knew the answer but enjoyed this game.

"Look closer" she hissed.



"Men and women".

"No, again".


"One last time" she said with mock exasperation.

"Blood" replied Cage, relishing the sound of the word.

"Good" she said with a smile, "now shall we go and get ourselves some supper"?


end of part 1.

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