Parenthood Part 1

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It had been a week now. A week since Remy's life had been completely changed. He had learnt a lot about his past and survived another encounter with Sinister. No! He didn't want to think about that. Thinking about ...Him...left Remy feeling confused, adding to his nightmares.

Remy sighed. Since their escape he had been trying hard to avoid the other X-Men. It was hard but gradually they were coming to respect his privacy. The only people who came near him were Ororo and Jean.

When Ororo came they just sat together holding each other for comfort as though they were still children. It was comforting for them both. Ororo had been as reclusive as himself since their return. She occasionally went out walking with Logan, but that was because she knew Logan expected nothing of her.

The whole ordeal had been as hard on Ororo as it had on himself, he thought. She had had to face a nightmare come back, one she had thought destroyed.

Remy knew that Ororo despised herself for the fear and helplessness she had felt when faced with the Nanny. Just as he had felt with ... No, he wouldn't go there.

Jean. Now there was a mystery. Jean sought out Ororo and himself. Although she thought she had hidden it well Remy could tell that Jean was still feeling maternal towards the two of them. Although strangely this seemed to comfort him. He also knew she wanted to talk to them about what had happened but so far she hadn't pushed the issue.

Remy smiled faintly at the thought of Scott's whinging tantrums when Jean took time away from him to spend with Ororo and himself.

Remy shivered as a breeze blew around him as he sat atop his rooftop retreat. Then he yawned. It was getting late and he had been feeling a lot less energetic recently. He decided that perhaps it was time to turn in for the night.

He fell asleep immediately, but it wasn't long before the nightmare started.

Remy was a child again, strapped down. His father moving towards him and his mother screaming his name. Remy noticed the glowing red eyes watching from the shadows.

"Oncle Nat'an'el," he cried out desperately.

"I'm going to make you a better son," his father stated, his eyes glowing insanely.

Remy struggled against his bonds trying to charge them. Remy's dream self didn't notice this combination of adult mutant powers in his child's body.

He succeeded in charging the bonds, but in his panic he hadn't controlled the charge. The explosion knocked him from the examination table.


Alarms sounded, and the inhabitants of the mansion were awoken suddenly.

Hank was first to find out where the emergency was. He turned to face the tired and alarmed X-Men who had staggered from their beds to the war room.

"It appears that Monsieur LeBeau's room is on fire," he said in a falsely cheerful voice as he made his way towards the door as quickly as he could.

Still, Rogue beat him to it. She flew up the stairs, leaving Joseph calling her name.

When she reached Remy's room she broke down the door, and found that Cerebro had activated the sprinklers over Remys bed to contain the fire, but where was Remy?

She found him on the other side of the bed, unconscious. She gathered him tenderly into her arms and took him back out to the corridor where she met the other X-Men who had finally caught up with her.

Hank's medical training took over and he ordered Rogue to fly Remy down to the infirmary, leaving the other X-Men once again to trail behind.


Once in the infirmary Remy was quickly examined. There was a commotion at the door where the X-Men were waiting as Jean and Ororo pushed their way through.

"What's happened?" Jean asked, her voice was full of concern.

Hank turned to face his audience. "Nothing to worry about. It seems our Cajun friend charged his bed during his sleep, but he sustained only minor burns and a concussion. The explosion from the charge must have blown him out of the bed before he could get too badly hurt. He'll be as right as rain in the morning."

Hank suddenly realised that the X-Men were standing there regarding him in only their pyjamas, aside from Bishop of course.

"That's enough. I think there has been enough excitement for tonight, I suggest you all go back to bed," he said shooing them all away.

Jean and Ororo however insisted on staying, much to Scott's annoyance. Hank knew that he wouldn't be able to stop these two strong willed women from getting their way so he sighed in resignation and, after checking Remy over once more, he left the infirmary for his lab to continue his Legacy Virus research.


Remy surfaced from unconsciousness and took a short time to orient himself. He was in the infirmary, but why?

Jean was asleep on one side of him, Ororo on the other.

Remy sat up slowly and winced slightly as he felt pain. The movement disturbed Jean's light slumber.

"Remy. You're awake. How do you feel?"

"A l'il sore. What happen'?"

"Hank thinks you charged your bed during your sleep, and the explosion knocked you from your bed. Cerebro contained and put out the fire. You're lucky. It could have been worse."

A look of shock passed over Remy's face quickly masked by his customary poker face. He pushed his bed covers aside and swung his legs over the side.

The sound aroused Ororo who immediately looked alarmed. "Remy what are you doing? You cannot leave yet. Hank will wish to check on your recovery."

Remys expression turned stubborn. "Gambit not stayin' 'ere. Gambit fine." He proved himself by getting out of the bed and leaving the infirmary, Jean and Ororo following closely behind.

"Remy be reasonable," Ororo said softly.

"Gambit bein' reasonable. Gambit fine, no need to take space in dat place."

They reached Remy's room and he stood inside his doorway, assessing the damage, his face blank. Then he strode purposely over towards his closet and gathered some clothes. He then stalked into the bathroom and the women heard the shower being operated.

Jean sighed and left the room. Ororo following.

Remy stood under the shower, his head bowed and resting on one of the shower walls. He was scared. What had happened last night? he thought to himself. He hadn't lost control like this since... No it couldn't be happening again.

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